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New DeWALT LED Work Lights On The Way


DeWALT LED High Output Halogen Replacement Lights Are Coming Soon

DeWALT LED work lights are hitting store shelves with more on the way next month.  First up are a pair of high powered LED work lights designed to replace their halogen cousins. The DCL060 (DC Power only) and DCL061 (AC or DC power) boast an impressive 1500 lumens of light output. The big draw is that the LED light source produces much less heat than a halogen bulb. Seeing that I’m already staring at 90+ degrees here in Central Florida, I can appreciate that, as even the nights here are warm and muggy. 

 “DEWALT LED Area Lights provide lighting without the extreme heat that halogens produce,” says Jim Watson, Group Product Manager, DEWALT. “When designing these new area lights, we wanted to address the heat output without diminishing the level of illumination, provide a more natural light color and give end users the convenience of cordless portability.”

While the cord is sold separately, the DCL061 offers users the opportunity to plug in for unlimited run time (assuming your power bill is paid up). Using a 20V Max 4.0 amp hour battery, expect to get around 2.5 hours of run time. These DeWALT LED area work lights are designed to work with any DeWALT 18V NiCad or Lithium-Ion battery pack as well as the 20V Max lineup. Look for these to hit DeWALT retailers in July. 

DCL060/DCL061 Area Work Light Summary

  • Light Source: LED
  • Power Source: DeWALT 18V NiCad/Li-Ion or 20V Max Battery Pack, DC061 has optional power cord, sold separately
  • Light Output: 1500 lumens
  • Run Time: 2.5 hours with 4.0 aH 20V Max Battery
  • MSPR: $99 (DCL060), $139 (DCL061)
  • Warranty: 3 year limited, 1 year free service, 90 day money back

 DeWALT LED Area Work Lights Hit Store Shelves

The DCL050 20 Volt Max LED Hand Held Area Light features a rubber over-mold to assist with grip. The head rotates 140 degrees to offer flexibility in the direction light is cast. Light is produced using two LED bulbs, which of course, result in very little heat transference. There are two light output settings – low, which puts out 250 lumens and high that delivers 500 lumens. At the lower setting, and using a 20V Max 4.0 amp hour battery, users can expect around 17 hours of light. A 360 degree rotating hook also allows users to hang the light and work hands free. 

Project Manager Tracy Morgan had this to say about the need to create this DeWALT LED Area Work Light:  “Through our research, we learned that professionals were in need of a portable, durable, versatile, cool running lighting solution.  The DCL050 fulfills all these needs on the jobsite,”


Expected to be on store shelves this month, the DCL050 will be available anywhere that DeWALT tools are sold.

DCL050 20V Max LED Hand Held Area Light Summary

  • Light Source: two LED bulbs
  • Power Source: DeWALT 20V Max Battery Pack
  • Light Output: low – 250 lumens, high – 500 lumens
  • Run Time (Low): 17 hours with 20V Max 4.0 aH Battery Pack
  • MSRP: $69
  • Warranty: 3 year limited, 1 year free service, 90 day money back

For more information, visit DeWALT’s website by clicking here.


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Hell yes .. Gonna get one as soon as I can ..Read more…

Okay, 1500 lumens and running off the 20V max batteries? I’m thinking bowfishing applications here!

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