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Doomsday Condos Available for a Cool $1.5 Million (or More)

Before The Apocalypse Happens, Make Sure You’ve Reserved Your Spot in the Lap of Luxury

For preppers and conspiracy theorists, bomb shelters have long been one of the go-to solutions for the possibility of having to ride out a nuclear winter. Historically, they’ve been constructed with more of a bare-bones approach to survival. But why ride out doomsday living like a Philistine when you can do it with all the modern convenience and comfort that being part of the 1% offers?

That’s the question that Survival Condo – a luxury doomsday condo manufacturer in rural Kansas – is asking of its mega-rich clientele. Fox Business reports that millionaires for whom this question is a concern are presently buying up spaces in a luxury bomb shelter starting at $500,000.


Survival Condo has already completed construction on its first project, a 150,000 square-foot space that can accommodate up to 75 people. The facility offers a range of amenities, like an arcade, movie theatre, dog park, shooting range, pool, and library.

These high-end condos also operate “off-grid”, and given the nature and purpose of these structures, offer residents the ‘”concept” of forming an “extended family” with “[a] range of facilities for extended “off-grid” “shared responsibilities,” including medical support and aquaponics farming.

To purchase space in the luxury bunker, which is a licensed condominium, you’ll have to agree to a list of bylaws designed to ensure the sustainability of this mini-society. The company has even hired psychologists to refine bunkers protocol, ensuring the harmony of the residents should they need to hole-up indefinitely.


Finally, Survival Condo has designed the bunker to be multigenerational, meaning that they ought to last for the next thousand years. Larry Hall, owner and project manager at the company, says that the luxury bunkers “will outlast great castles of Europe.”

The most basic units are 1/1’s with 250 square feet and run $500,000. The most luxurious units offer a 3/2 configuration with 1820 square feet for a cool $2.4 million.

The irony of the entire concept: you get to live out a post-apocalyptic nuclear war in a decommissioned missile silo. An entire silo of people used to the best life has to offer forced to live together in 1820 square feet or less—what could possibly go wrong?

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Straight out of Fallout… are they calling themselves Vault-Tec?