May 7, 2021

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Midland Lithium-Ion Generator: Waterproof Power

Looking for a small, portable, near-weatherproof generator that you can tote around just about anywhere? Look no further than the PPG100 Midland Lithium-Ion Generator.

Released this past January, this generator could find a place in all manner of home, camping, fishing, hunting, and tailgating applications.

This unit can power lights, phones, computers, televisions, and even mini-fridges. Because it runs on a lithium-ion battery, you won’t need messy fuel, and its whole operation runs silently.

Outdoor Waterproof Power In A Box

At 25 lbs, and taking up a bit less space than a standard briefcase (although shaped a bit differently), users can tote the Midland Lithium-Ion Generator just about anywhere. A few of us in the office like to spend our weekends out in the Great Outdoors and this generator provides a pretty good solution to our mobile power needs. Let me count the ways.

Midland Lithium-Ion GeneratorFor one thing, the Midland Lithium-Ion Generator carries an IP67 rating, protecting it from water and dust ingress. On your way to the campsite and need to splash around through a stream to get there? Have no fear. With the case closed, this generator is submersible up to 40″.

Because Midland’s generator doesn’t use gas to power itself, and thus, doesn’t produce any fumes, users can take it indoors with them. Another benefit to its design: it runs silently.

The PPG100 Midland Lithium-Ion Generator comes with two AC outlets, a DC output, and a whole bunch of USB connectivity. It can be charged with the included AC and DC adapters, as well as through an optional solar panel, which Midland sells separately.

As of right now, this unit retails for just under $1,100. Midland also includes a 1-Year Warranty as well.

Midland Lithium-Ion Generator

Realistic Usage

Following Hurricanes Irma and Marie, people clamored to get their hands on any generator they could (and the gas to run them). We got a lot of questions about the Kohler enCube, which gives you roughly the same output as the PPG100 but at a much higher weight cost. It’s clear that whether you’re just looking for comfort or a full-blown prepper, clean generators with the potential of solar recharging are pretty attractive.

Kohler enCUBE 1.8 KW Solar Recharging Generator

The bottom line is that these aren’t there yet. Solar panels recharge a battery this size slowly, even on a good day. When you’re looking to power low-voltage products like a small fan or lights on a camping trip, the Midland lithium-ion generator is a great option and can cover you for several days. It gets major bonus points for having a size and weight that’s kayak-friendly. Same goes for covering your tailgating needs for an afternoon.

But keep your refrigerator running for several days to preserve food during a storm outage? There’s not enough stored energy to do that for more than a day if you’re lucky. So as long as you understand what this generator can do, it’s a valuable addition for your outdoor recreation.

What Size Generator Do I Need?

From a price point perspective, Midland comes in with a pretty attractive offer at $1100, especially considering the weatherproofing. Most of the other clean generators in that neighborhood run lead-acid batteries and are much heavier. Typically, you need to look a couple hundred dollars more to get the advantages of a lithium-ion system.

For more information about the PPG100 Midland Lithium-Ion Generator, visit the MidlandUSA website.

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It’s kinda silly to call a battery pack with an inverter a generator. That’s the way to insult the intelligence of your customer base. Include some substantial solar panels in the package then you can get away with calling it a solar generator.

Vadym Lopachuk

It’s a powerbank not a generator.

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