October 26, 2021

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Klein Open Jaw Cable Cutters Wins EC&M Award

Klein Open Jaw Cable Cutters

Klein Open Jaw Cable Cutters Wins Product of the Year Award from EC&M

Klein Open Jaw Cable Cutters have just been awarded Product of the Year by Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine. What about these hand tools put them ahead of 200 competing products from nearly 100 manufacturers?

“The employees at Klein Tools prove to us why listening to your customers can yield a successful new product launch,” said Mike Eby, editor-in-chief, EC&M Magazine. “The company’s new Open Jaw Cable Cutter works well in tight spaces and facilitates one-handed operation. These features are a welcomed improvement by anyone that has had to handle cable cutting and termination tasks in the field.”

Klein Open Jaw Cable Cutters, as the name implies, feature an open jaw design that ratchets closed. This features allows for one handed cutting of up to 1-1/8″ communication cable, 600 MCM copper, and 750 MCM aluminum… without leaving burs and sharp edges.

“The unique open jaw design not only enables end-users to position the cutter head around the cable in a one-handed operation, but also allows them to cut cable in low-clearance applications,” said Thomas R. Klein, Jr., general manager of heavy infrastructure at Klein Tools. “This saves end-users time, effort, and of course, money.”

Klein Open Jaw Cable Cutters have been highlighted by Klein and noted by EC&M for solving a common issue among electrical workers that complain of having to cut cable using two hands in low clearance areas with traditional cutters. Traditional cutters use a “hand-cuff” style design that Klein’s open jaw design overcomes.

Klein’s newest innovation is manufactured using a proprietary steel blend, weighs in at 2 pounds, and is 11-1/2 inches long. Klein Open Jaw Cable Cutters are selling at The Home Depot for $236.28 and I found them online for $216.59. For more information, check out the Klein Open Jaw Cable Cutters product page on Klein’s website.

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