April 22, 2021

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GearWrench 120XP Ratcheting Line Expanding

GearWrench 120XP Ratcheting Combination Wrench

GearWrench 120XP Ratcheting Combination Wrenches Now Available in 20 MM – to 24 MM Metric and 13/16” to 1-1/4” Standard Sizes

GearWrench is expanding its line of 120XP Combination Ratcheting Wrenches. 11 new SKU’s will be introduced to improve the range of sizes that fans of this GearWrench 120XP family member will be able to get their hands on.

“Our new larger-size 120XP Universal Spline Ratcheting Wrenches will help techs get jobs done quicker. Having the right tool for the job is key, and these new sizes help make that happen.”

– Jim Stewart, Product Manager for GearWrench

The GearWrench 120XP Ratcheting Combination Wrench series is already popular for a number of reasons. For Pros, ratcheting combination wrenches have achieved a level of quality that they’re now almost universally preferred over the traditional wrench. There are times when it even outclasses a socket set. For example, when you line up sockets in your tool chest drawer, they tend to roll all over the place no matter how well you initially set them up. Wrenches stay in place and they’re easier to identify and organize. Combined with the colored size marking on the side, grabbing the correct wrench is much easier than digging around the drawer to play guess and check. Below are a few other reasons to like the new GearWrench line.

GearWrench 120XP Universal Spline XL Combination Ratcheting Wrench

  • 120 position, three degree swing arc
  • Narrow ratchet end thickness
  • Long reach
  • Narrow open end with reduced outside dimensions
  • Universal spline fits 12-point, 6-point, e-torx, square, and rounded 6-point fasteners
  • Dual Direction Surface Drive on open end (provides better grip and reduces rounding)
  • Colored size markings
  • Exceeds ASME performance requirements

New GearWrench 120XP Universal Spline XL Combination Ratcheting Wrench Sizes

  • SKU 86420: 20mm
  • SKU 86421: 21mm
  • SKU 86422: 22mm
  • SKU 86424: 24mm
  • SKU 86442: 13/16”
  • SKU 86443: 7/8”
  • SKU 86444: 15/16”
  • SKU 86445: 1”
  • SKU 86446: 1-1/16”
  • SKU 86447: 1-1/8”
  • SKU 86448: 1-1/4”

GearWrench is the premium hand tool branch of Apex Tools Group, so you’re looking at an investment when you pick these up. Retail is in the $45 to $80 range depending on size. You’ll find some significant savings by purchasing sets and shopping online. GearWrench backs up the quality of these and all their tools with a lifetime warranty.

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