Workforce 74pc Screwdriver and Pliers Set Wrenches, Drivers, Pliers & Socket Reviews

Workforce 74pc Screwdriver and Pliers Set

Workforce is another Home Depot house brand that manufactures everything from shelves to drop cloths to space heaters, and yes, even screwdrivers. Their 74 piece screwdriver and pliers set is a good purchase for hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers, but not such a great bargain for the serious tool user as quality tends to suffer over the long haul and with extended or hard use.


Workforce screwdriverThe 74 piece kit is more like a 20-piece kit with 54 bits thrown in for good measure. The handles in the screwdrivers are comfortable and won’t slip – with or without work gloves. This is all thanks to a “double-dipped” manufacturing process that puts a gray, tactile, rubberized grip around the yellow plastic handles which delivers positive traction to all contact areas. The bits are easily removed and insert quickly into the ratcheting driver. The individual screwdrivers cover all of the major Philips and flat head sizes, including precision sizes for those micro screw applications.

The pliers and cutters seemed well-made but we got the impression they wouldn’t exactly hold up well over time if used daily and for heavy-duty applications. These tools seem more suited for the casual user and not the guy who’s going to want something with him on the daily jobsite.

With competition all around, we’d label this as a good starting tool set, but those wanting some more durable hand drivers will want to look at Craftsman, Stanley, klein, Titan, Channellock, or others.


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