October 17, 2021

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Stiletto Titanium Flat Bars

Stiletto is getting ready to launch a new line of high performance, super lightweight, titanium pry bars. By combining the latest technology, materials and innovation, these pry bars are destined to be some of the best available.

Stiletto Titanium Pry Bars

Stiletto is getting ready to launch a new line of high performance, super lightweight, titanium pry bars. These Stiletto Titanium Flat Bars combine the latest technology, materials and innovation, and are destined to be some of the best on the market…though certainly not the cheapest!

Stiletto Titanium Pry BarsWhile walking the show floor at the 2009 International Builders Show in Las Vegas, we stopped by the Stiletto display to check out their product line. With an already impressive array of titanium hammers and titanium pry bars, it was great to see some of their up coming products that are not on the market yet. The key to the success of the Stiletto line is the innovation and uniqueness of their tools. Sure anyone can make a hammer, but it takes special design and engineering to make it out of titanium. Titanium is better at transferring energy, dampening shock and weights in at 45% less then steel, but most importantly it is still crazy strong. It’s this lightweight strength that makes titanium so attractive for those using these flat bars and pry bars for daily use.

Stiletto Titanium Pry Bar staple puller

The new pry bars we checked out ranged in size from about 16 inches down to about 5 inches in length and were styled similar to a flat style pry bar. One of the original features we liked was the staple remover located in the handles of the two larger sized pry bars. The stable puller feature alone makes this bar standout because we all know how much of a pain it is to smoothly and easily remove staples. All the pry bars featured the Stiletto patented 180 deg Side Nail Puller that the TiBone series of hammer have. Bottle openers are standard on some of bars too!

Keep an eye out for these pry bars to hit the market sometime later this spring.

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