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Irwin Strait Line Chalk Reels

The recently updated Irwin Strait-line series of chalk reels all feature redesigned bodies, steel handles and larger center clutches to give better performance. The Mach6″, Speed-Line Pro”, Speed-Line” and the Aluminum chalk reels were all specifically engineering to make them more innovative, faster and tougher.

Irwin Strait Line chalk reels

We love Irwin tools and their Vise-Grip cutting pliers remain one of our favorite go-to tools. Of course their Marples bevel edge woodworking chisels are a force to be reckoned with. Recently, however, Irwin updated their chalk reels, and all of the new Irwin Strait Line Chalk Reels feature redesigned bodies, steel handles and larger center clutches to give better performance. The Mach6″, Speed-Line Pro”, Speed-Line” and the Aluminum chalk reels were all specifically engineering to make them more innovative, faster and tougher.

The Mach6 Chalk Reel is the quickest one of the bunch with a 6:1 gear system, metal body and 100 feet of high performance polyester/nylon line that will deliver up to 6 strikes per pull. The Mach6 also includes added features like an EZ access door on the back which allows you to more easily unclog blockages or swap out the line. A twist off cap for refilling chalk and wide-prong hook make this a compelling new product.

The Speed-Line PRO Chalk Reel comes with a 3.5:1 gear system, lightweight plastic body, and the 100 feet of high performance polyester/nylon line. The Speed-Line PRO also includes the easy fill twist off cap and wide-prong hook that will hold on to the edge of the work piece even when the chalk line is held at an angle away from the work piece.

The Speed-Line Chalk Reel has a 3.5:1 gear ratio and a traditional style light weight plastic body. Inside the case is 100′ polyester line that Irwin claims will deliver up to 5 strikes per pull.

The more basic Aluminum Chalk Reel features a redesigned solid aluminum body and steel handle.  It has a traditional 1:1 gear ratio and 100′ of polyester line.

The Irwin Strait-line series of chalk reels are available at most home center and retail tool stores. The suggested retail price for the Mach6 reel is $12.99, for the Speed-Line PRO reel is $9.99, for the Speed-Line reel is $6.99 and for the Aluminum reel is $4.99.

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Danford Williams

Don’t waste your money this product is junk. I am sure they have people to test these product out . Spend all that money and it doesn’t last two weeks. They have to know that the gears jam up . If you are going to spend all that money you should get a better product. Hope they do something better real soon ,until then don’t bother . If you do I told you so.


Well, I got online just to find reviews on Irwin Straight Line chalk boxes, as my 1:1 metal Irwin chalk box that is shaped like a plumb bob say, bought in 2014, is NOT satisfactory. The line will many a time get stuck pulling it out, causing someone else on the scene to have to fish out their box while I fidget with it and… I need a new box. The problem is the string winds in on the reel so loose the line cuts through to the core of the wheel while pulling it out again and it gets… Read more »

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