Black & Decker BDSL30 Accu-Mark Level Level Reviews, Measuring & Squares

Black & Decker BDSL30 24-Inch 3-in-1 Gecko Grip Level Preview

The Black & Decker BDSL30 24-inch level is really three tools in one. The 24-inch level is great on its own, offering large easy-view bubbles for making sure your pictures and shelves are perfectly level. Not stopping there, Black & Decker added a 9-inch torpedo level that pulls out from the right side of the BDSL30 and can be used simultaneously alongside its 24-inch host. But wait, there’s more… The 9-inch torpedo level comes complete with an integrated stud finder to sweeten the deal. A stud finder integrated into a level? That’s absolutely the most absurd…ly perfect combination we can think of. In fact, why aren’t all torpedo levels made this way? Well, probably because that would make them more expensive. The price of self-leveling line lasers is coming down, but not so far as to make the standard level obsolete or impractical. With that in mind, the


Like it’s 36-inch counterpart, the Black & Decker BDSL10, this 24-inch box beam level provides the same “Gecko Grip” friction pads that keep the level in place while you hold it up with one hand. The grips push in when the level is pressed into place against the wall so there is positive friction. This keeps the level steady and straight, even when the surface of the wall isn’t exactly perfect or smooth. The pads are “scuff-free”, but they could stand to have a bit more friction to optimize their potential. They are essentially smooth plastic and don’t really grip the wall as we’d like, though they do help.

Black & Decker BDSL30 2

Black & Decker BDSL30 Accu-Mark level

The new 24-inch level sacrifices the Accu Mark system for a removable 9-inch torpedo level which also features an integrated stud-finder. Now that’s innovation! While it’s not as adept as a more sophisticated device like the Franklin ProSensor 710 stud finder, you can just pull the torpedo level out from the side of the BDSL30 and use it while continuing to use the main level. We found this to be very practical and extremely convenient. The torpedo level features horizontal and vertical level bubbles and also has a magnetic strip for easy attachment to your toolbox or any metal object you might be attempting to level. We are big fans of magnetic levels as this feature comes in handy more often than not.


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