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Simple Man Products Box Finder

Say dry wall and most guys will tell you they hate working with it. Sure there are the few drywall contractors that seem to love working with the stuff, like the sub contractor we once hired that was able to hang 5/8 inch thick, twelve foot long sheets on a 10 foot ceiling by himself! We are always on the look out for tools that can make drywall work easier for the rest of us.


There is a certain amount of precision that goes into drywall work, whether it is locating the cuts for a door or window, to cutting the receptacle and switch boxes in the right places. Simple Man Products found a nifty solution to the problem of locating electrical boxes simply called the Box Finder. With their tool, just insert it in the electrical box with the point facing out and then proceed to hang your drywall without having to measure for the electrical box. Send a few screws in at the top of the piece of dry and then give the dry wall a shove over the box and the spike will pop though, perfectly locating the center of the electrical box.

Now the innovation does not stop there. Since the box finder fills up the inside of the box, when you send your RotoZip or drywall cutter through, the bit will never land inside the box and chew up the wires. Once you do the cut, just remove the Box Finder from the electrical box and move on to the next section. The Box Finder is reusable and is made of sturdy plastic with the stainless steel spike permanently molded into it. They will fit any standard size single gang box. For larger gang boxes, just locate the Box Finder in the left side and cut from there. Also there is a Box Finder for standard round ceiling boxes. The Simple Man Products Box Finders are sold individually and each style costs $10.99 MSRP.


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