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Should I Use Square, Philips or Torx Drive Deck Screws?

Deck screws are available in a wide variety of styles, finishes and head styles. Be sure to first match the types of materials you are fastening. There are special screws designed for composite decking and others that are designed for pressure treaded lumber.


Many times, stainless steel deck screws have a square drive because they are softer then other screw materials. The square drive provides a more positive bit engagement making it harder for the heads to strip out. Most other types of deck screws use a Philips head or a variation of a Philips type drive and some use a Torx style bit drive. There is no real benefit over one to the other as long as you are using quality bits and replace them as they get worn. The biggest reason screw heads get stripped out is because the bits are worn. Using an impact driver also helps to drive screws without stripping the heads. Many times manufactures use different bit styles to help set their product apart from other similar products.


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Stainless steel is harder, and hence more brittle, than typical mild-steel that “other” fasteners are made from.