October 18, 2021

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Hilti World of Concrete 2017 Highlights

Hilti World of Concrete 2017 Highlights

The Hilti World of Concrete 2017 booth was buzzing with excitement in Las Vegas. It’s usually a hub of activity with plenty of concrete breakers going, lasers being knocked over to scare the random passerby, and concrete hole making all over the place. But there was more than just people trying out some of the best concrete tools in the business, there was big news to be shared as well.

Temperatures for the Wednesday morning press conference were higher than last year at 38 degrees (it was 29 degrees in 2016) and Hilti started with an overview of their previous year. With record levels of customer engagement and retention, Hilti had tremendous growth as they outpaced the industry averages – again. 75 new products will be entering the North American market for 2017.

Hilti Banner - The Best Tools at World of Concrete 2017

Hilti World of Concrete 2017 Highlights


2017 has a heavy focus on safety with the June 23rd OSHA regulations on crystalline silica dust exposure ready to kick into effect. Not surprisingly, many of Hilti’s dust solutions are already compliant with the new ruling and modifications are coming to bring others into compliance. Here, Hilti showed off one of their earlier tools with safety in mind – a low velocity fastening tool.

Hilti DD 250 Diamond Coring Machine


Core drilling is a brutal task that was made easier with Hilti’s DD 200. They’ve updated it to the DD 250 featuring four gears to dial in the most effective drilling speed and a hole starting function – kind of like a soft start to help you get going cleanly and accurately. Hilti also developed a digital display to give you feedback so you can stay keep your drilling as efficient as possible.

Hilti DSH 700/900 Wet Cutting Pump


The Hilti DSH 700 and 900 gas saws are getting an upgrade later this year. As dry cut saws, they kick up a lot of debris – something wet cut saws are designed to significantly reduce. A self priming transfer pump adapter is being tested right now that will allow users to take advantage of a local water source (like a 5-gallon bucket) rather than connecting to a pressurized water source and dragging tons of hose around. We like the direction this is headed and would like to see some water storage options to develop around it.

Hilti 22V Battery Platform


Battery tech is a major point of emphasis for Hilti this year as their entire 18-volt lineup transitions to 22-volt tools. It’s not as complicated as it sounds and don’t worry – there’s backwards compatibility built in. We’re going to dive in to much greater detail in a separate article about this and I think you’ll be impressed with where Hilti is and the inherent potential as their cordless tools develop.

Hilti Hollow Core Bits


Hilti Hollow Core Bits aren’t brand new this year, but there’s a lot of attention on them with the new silica dust rules on the horizon. Filming this user, we couldn’t detect any dust escaping. However, with a 25 micrograms/cubic meter action level, it’s going to take more advanced techniques to determine what will make it as a standalone solution.

Hilti Rotary Hammer Cutaway


Tool cutaways are a great way to show what’s going on behind the scenes. Here, we get a look at two things: the way the dial mechanically engages each drive mode and the separation Hilti employs to keep debris from entering the gearbox.

Hilti Banner - The Best Tools at World of Concrete 2017

Hilti Charging Radio


We couldn’t call this the Hilti World of Concrete 2017 Highlights page without mentioning the new radio! You’ve asked and Hilti answered with a full featured radio that includes dual power sources able to run off of and charge all Hilti 12-, 18-, 22-, and 36-volt lithium-ion batteries. You also get Bluetooth connectivity, a USB charging port, and auxiliary in wrapped in a durable housing for $249. It’s even covered by Hilti’s 20-2-1 warranty – 20 years against manufacturer defects, 2 years wear and tear, and 1-day repair turnaround.

This may be the end of our Hilti World of Concrete 2017 Highlights, but it’s not the end of our coverage. We’ve got plenty more to tell you about the new battery technology as well as several reviews to line up based on what we saw in Las Vegas. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest news and reviews by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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