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Having problem with grease coming out the tip when I take coupler off zerk otherwise I love my m18.How do I fix this problem?

Paul bernhard

I have a M18 with aLock and Lube attachment instead of the regular standard M18 factory fitting, I used the number 1 position with each pump of grease set at 4 position had a stubborn grease fitting not accepting grease, locked it on applied 4 pumps then the threads stripped on the housing on the grease gun, pulled them right out , can see them on the flexibility hose, wow what can I do now to repair

Danny Selimagic

Got one of these Milwaukee grease guns. Used it once on my truck and trailer and it worked great. I left it in my garage for three months over winter. I wanted to use it again the other day but battery would not charge. I figured battery life should last at least couple years and not be one time use. Not happy with this product.