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wondering why the lids to the batteries on my new duel battery mower wont open


From what I read, it sounds like they also make the Kobalt version for Lowes. Its very similar, just minor differences, like the Lowes mower doesn’t use a key. I read that cutting tall grass will cause the blades to spin faster, which shortens the battery run time. I don’t think the batteries can be swapped between the Kobalt and the Greenworks mower though. The Kobalt comes with a great 5 year no hassle warranty.

Ed Fisher

I’ve been wanting to go battery powered for a long time and was cutting my lawn with a manual rotary pusher. And then I would still have to sweep and edge and trim. I bought the Twinforce at the beginning of September and loved it. When I added the trimmer/edger and blower that use the same gMax batteries for less than $110 my total time and effort were cut in half and it is so easy to use that my lawn my never get scruffy again. My advice is to call Lowes and then call your broker. I did contact… Read more »

Kimber Janney

There is a company CleanAir Lawn Care that uses all battery powered mowers and trimmers. In Colorado Springs the owner has equipped trucks with solar panels, 12v deep cycle batteries and power inverters to keep the batteries for the equipment charged. Seems pretty impressive and their operation is much quieter than the typical lawn care crews.