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Brent Hambly

Kobalt 40V String Trimmer cap was damaged in use and could not and cannot get a replacement. Lowes auto system NG and chat revealed their person didn’t know a black plastic trimmer spool cap from a black iron gas pipe cap. Kobalt rep. no better. On hold forever; Kobalt parts never picked up. AND no generic parts companies carry Kobalt parts (at least no many and not the one I need).NEVER KOBALT

George Kotowski

The second time I used this trimmer, the bump cover disintegrated. Upon receiving a new one, I found this unit underpowered and it drained the battery very quickly. I am sorry I bought this KOBALT product. I rate this about the same as I rate CRAFTSMAN battery power drills which I quit buying after 2 units. Don’t waste your money and buy a gas powered trimmer.


where can I find a spool cover

Kathleen Humphrey

I’m in my second season of using this trimmer. The spool cover is so flimsy and it finally bit the dust. I called Kobalt to order a new spool cover. The part is $3 and the SHIPPING IS $15 because of Canadian currency. WHAT???? This is ridiculous! I don’t even like the performance of this trimmer. It won’t advance the string. I have to turn it over multiple times to pull out the string. $150 and it’s ready for the junk pile. Do yourself a favor and read reviews on trimmers before you buy. I’m headed to Home Depot for… Read more »


I found the edger works better with a fixed down position. I put a bar across the top of the head.A 3 inch wheel mounted on the back of the guard at right angle to the shaft and set at 1 and 1/2 in.or whatever hgt. You prefer keeps cutting hft.fixed and you donnot have to pick up the trimmer,just roll it back and forth.Less tiring.T