Stihl Lawn Mower: 36V RMA 460 Push Mower Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews

Stihl Lawn Mower: 36V RMA 460 Push Mower

The big deal about the new Stihl lawn mower is the fact that it’s adding to Stihl’s battery-powered lawnmower line to bring them more in line with the options currently available for homeowners. Still, this is Stihl we’re talking about, so I expect something more than just a “me too” kind of product.


10-Second Summary

  • Uses AK 20 or AK 30 Stihl 36V batteries
  • 19″ deck/18.1″ cutting swath
  • Designed for homeowners with less than 1/2 acre
  • $299.95 bare, $429.95 with AK 20, $449.95 with AK 30

Stihl Lawn Mower Key Features

  • Stihl Lawn Mower: 36V RMA 460 Push MowerRobust COMPACT Cordless Lawnmower with central cut-height adjustment
  • 4-n-1 function: mowing, mulching, catching, and side ejection
  • Automatic speed control and direct drive blade ensure longer battery life
  • Robust sheet steel housing
  • Height-adjustable handlebar with soft handle
  • 60 L textile grass collection box
  • Cutting width: 18.1″
  • Weight: 57.3 pounds

Stihl is targetting homeowners rather than Pros with this model and there’s evidence to support that claim. With a 19″ deck and 18.1″ cutting swath, it’s a little smaller than the 20″ deck that’s becoming the standard.

There’s also Stihl’s area claims – 3,440 square feet on the larger AK 30 battery pack. An acre is 43,560 square feet, so you’re looking at less than 1/10 of an acre on one battery charge. There are two battery ports. Many homeowners will need to grab a second battery to make sure there’s enough to complete the job. That’ll give you enough to cover 1/8-acre. Keep in mind that’s just the grass area of your lawn, not the entire lot.

Pricing is competitive in the current market with a base price of $300. Going with the 2.8 Ah AK 20 battery kit puts the price at $450. Bumping up to the 4.8 Ah AK 30 will set you back another $50. The question for you is likely whether you’ll need to spend more on a second battery for the Stihl lawn mower.


What’s it Like to Use it?

Our team at OPE Reviews put the Stihl lawn mower to the test. Head over there to see what they discovered!

Stihl RMA 460 Battery Powered Push Mower Review

Stihl Lawn Mower Specifications

  • Stihl Lawn Mower: 36V RMA 460 Push MowerModel: Stihl RMA 460
  • Rated Voltage: 36V
  • Area Mowed: Approx. 2,475 sq. ft. w/ AK 20 on a single charge
  • Area Mowed: Approx. 3,440 sq. ft. w/ AK 30 on a single charge.
  • Cutting Height: 1 3/8’’ – 3 3/4’’
  • Deck Width: 19’’
  • Cutting Width: 18.1″
  • Grass Catcher Capacity: 15.85 gal.
  • Run Time: 29 minutes w/ AK 20; 44 minutes w/ AK 30
  • Weight (without Battery): 57.3 pounds
  • Dimension: 54.7” x 20.5” x 33.5”
  • Warranty: 2 years limited (pro), 3 year limited (home used)
  • Price: $299.95 bare, $429.95 with AK 20, $449.95 with AK 30

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