October 18, 2021

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12V Ridgid PEX-One Press Tool Launched

Ridgid PEX-One

Ridgid hopes to improve the way contractors install Pex with the new 12V Ridgid Pex-One. Designed for one-handed use, the Pex-One weighs in at five pounds and can press multiple sizes up to one inch with an interchangeable die system. Ridgid claims the Pex-One provides full power through 150+ presses per charge with a 5-second crimp cycle. It’s compatible with ASTM F1807 copper crimp ring fittings and in the near future Viega PureFlow fittings.

“We developed the new RIDGID PEX-One with the contractor in mind. Based on our conversations with contractors and our deep understanding of their challenges through ongoing research and time spent on jobsites, we confirmed that using a manual tool is inefficient, as well as, is tough on the body. The PEX-One’s innovative one-handed, lightweight design maximizes efficiency on the job site and reduces contractor fatigue.”

–Marcus Borman, RIDGID Global Marketing Manager

Ridgid Pex-One joins the Ridgid RP 200-B, RP 210-B, and RP 340 press tools.  To see the Pex-One in action, check out the intro video.

Our Take

Ridgid PEX-One

Weight low enough for easy one-handed use and a 5-second cycle time are pretty attractive features for the Ridgid Pex-One. You’d think the 12-volt battery would limit what you’re able to accomplish, but 150 cycles on one battery charge is no joke.

The Ridgid Pex-One is definitely a big step forward for Pex installers, but it’s not without competition. Milwaukee’s M18 Short Throw Press Tool runs on an 18-volt battery with faster cycling and manages to come in slightly lighter as a bare tool. Still, that doesn’t relegate the Pex-One to the sidelines.

“Without the battery and dies/jaws the Milwaukee tool comes in slightly lighter than the RIDGID tool; however, when you add the battery and jaw/dies to each tool—which is needed to operate the tool—the PEX-One is 5.9 pounds whereas the Milwaukee tool is 8.1 pounds. Thus, we are lighter than the Milwaukee [M18 Short Throw Press Tool] tool by 2.2 pounds (27% percent lighter)”

– Official Statement from Ridgid

That’s a significant difference! What’s still hanging out there is the price. We expect the retail price to be in the $675 according to whispers we’ve heard around the internet. That puts it in the same price range as Milwaukee so…

Either way, it looks like a solid design from our friends at Ridgid. It’s certainly a welcome addition to their plumbing arsenal. While it may be outperformed by Milwaukee on paper, there’s no reason for Ridgid fans to shy away from seriously considering it – particularly where weight is a concern.

Ridgid Pex-One Features

  • Designed for one-handed use
  • Interchangeable die system up to 1-inch
  • 5-second crimp cycle

Ridgid Pex-One Specifications

  • Model Number: 54253
  • Weight: 5 pounds (5.9 pounds with battery and jaws)
  • 150+ presses per charge
  • Compatible with ASTM F1807 copper crimp ring fittings
  • Soon to be compatible with Viega PureFlow fittings
  • Price: $638.00

Keep your eyes open for the Ridgid Pex-One at Acme Tools!

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