Ridgid 65S stainless steel tubing cutter Plumbing Tool Reviews

Ridgid 65S Stainless Steel Tubing Cutter

The new Ridgid 65S Stainless Steel tubing cutter is designed to make quicker cuts to stainless steel and other metallic tubes and pipes such as steel, zinc, copper and aluminum. The tubing cutter features something Ridgid dubs the “X-CEL” knob – a larger, ergonomic knob which gives the user a more firm grip allowing more force to be applied when cutting through tubing. It makes the process faster and easier. The 65S comes with a spare wheel that is stored in the knob and the X-CEL’s wheel pin allows for rapid, tool-less wheel changes.


The lightweight body of the Ridgid 65S stainless steel tubing cutter makes it easy to manipulate. The quick-acting mechanism and spring quick return means the cutter can adjust rapidly from 1/4-inch to 2 5/8-inch diameter tubing. The Ridgid 65S cutter can cut tubing with a wall thickness of up to 1/8 inch. The tubing cutter’s roller bearings reduce friction and increase cut speeds, giving strong and smooth support of tube cutting. Once the tool locks on, you just spin it around, decreasing the cutting radius every circumference until the pipe is cut completely. The size and shape of the tool makes this easier than most cutters we’ve seen – save the new cordless models.

Ridgid 65S Stainless Steel Tubing Cutter Features

  • Quick-acting mechanism that rapidly adjusts to different sized tubing.
  • Capacity is 1/4” up to 2-5/8” out side diameter stainless steel tube.
  • Six individual bearings replace the traditional rollers. These bearings create a smoother cut and allow for increased speed around the tube.
  • A contoured frame allows for easy alignment while adjusting the cutter to make a cut.
  • A heavy duty cutter wheel contains bearings to decrease rotations needed to complete a cut.
  • Oversized, easy to grip, smooth X-CEL knob allows for easy and quicker adjustments. This knob fits comfortably in the palm of your hand while rotating the cutter around the tube.
  • For quick and easy cutting wheel changes, no tools are needed with the X-CEL wheel pin.

“The rollers and cutters of the 65S Stainless Steel Quick-Acting tubing cutter were designed specifically for stainless steel applications,” said Kennia Papadakis, director of marketing for hand and general purpose tools. “As a result, users will be able to achieve cleaner, smoother and more accurate cuts when using stainless steel tubing.”

The 65S Stainless Steel Quick-Acting tubing cutter is backed by the Ridgid lifetime warranty.


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