September 26, 2021

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New Diablo Blades introduced at STAFDA 2014

Diablo Blades

New Diablo Blades Introduced at STAFDA 2014: The Pergo Blade, Carbide Recip Blades, and Snap Lock Hole Saws

Just prior to the opening of STAFDA’s 2014 trade show, I had the opportunity to see the latest Diablo blades in action. Russell Khol, President and CEO of Freud America let us in on one of the reasons that Diablo blades are so far ahead of the competition. “It’s not about an “us, too” mentality,” he said. Russell went on to explain that if Diablo blades aren’t truly innovative, if the design is only about doing what someone else has already done, it’s not something they want to produce. It’s not only pushing the envelope of what is possible, either. The goal at Diablo is to create value for the customer. While their blades are among the most expensive on the market, it is the cost per cut where that they focus on and intend to deliver the best value possible by that measure.

Diablo Pergo Blade

Diablo Blades

We introduced the Diablo Pergo Blade earlier this year. It is certainly an innovative product that deals with the very abrasive nature of Pergo style flooring and lasts up to 75 times longer than the competition. This Diablo blade is also capable of cutting through the hardest of the hardwoods and even dealing with those exotic woods such as bamboo and Brazilian hardwood.

Watching the Diablo Pergo blade in action, it produced consistently smooth cuts in the Pergo flooring and hardwoods they tested. It did leave a little bit of rough edge at the base of the bamboo. A simple rub of the gloved hand removed the larger pieces sticking out. Flooring pros know that you cut from the top to the base so any roughness is on the bottom to deal with those minor issues. Despite this, the flooring blade from Diablo is much better suited to cutting through bamboo than other blades that often result in severe splintering and splitting.

The Diablo Pergo Blade retails for $199 on the 12″ blade, $169 for the 10″, and be on the lookout for a 7-1/4″ blade for $89.

Diablo Carbide Reciprocating Saw Blades

The newest Diablo blades for reciprocating saws were put through some seriously abusive testing. To show off the nail embedded wood possibilities of the more aggressive blades, they were sent through 30 fluted masonry nails in a pair of boards. While not all nail embedded wood will contain this hard of a nail, you will find it holding wood to concrete or masonry where you are framing a wall or window next to an exterior wall. Part of the innovation in these blades is that the tooth size changes from smaller to larger over the length of the blade to cut more efficiently.

The results were impressive as even the Milwaukee Ax blade was only able to get through a couple of these hardened nails before Diablo’s Carbide Recip Blade made through the entire cut. There is a trade off in that these blades are not rated for the rigors of flush cutting against masonry… yet.

Diablo Blades

Diablo also showed off the higher TPI blades in cast iron and stainless steel pipe. Again, these Diablo blades were able to cut through material that the other blades were barely able to scratch. While those two materials are not something you might expect to use a recip saw on (a handheld band saw would be the typical go to tool), this does extend the range of possibilities for that class of tool.

Diablo Blades

Another demonstration I had the opportunity to witness was cutting through a vehicle door frame. The introduction of higher strength metals like Boron resist crumpling more and make roll cages stronger. Still the worst sometimes still happens and a driver or passenger needs to be rescued. The 80,000 PSI Jaws of Life cutter was unable to make it through that part of the frame. In just under one minute, the Diablo Carbide Recip Blade was through.

You may not need these Diablo blades for recip saws in as hostile a cutting situation as the ones we saw. However, these carbide blades result in up to 20x the life of a traditional blade and should cut faster in any application than the other blades on the market currently. These blades are available in various sizes in the $10 range.

Diablo Snap Lock Hole Saws

Hole saws. The accessory we love to hate. There has been some innovation in this category recently. Spyder introduced their Rapid Core Ejection System earlier this year that made grasping and pulling off the core a possibility. Diablo has taken things a step… er, leap forward with a couple of innovations in their design.

At the core of the system is the Snap Lock Mandrel. This behaves just like the quick change collet on your impact driver. It allows the saws to be changed out quickly, but most importantly, allows the drill bit to come completely out of the saw. You can then reinsert the pilot bit at an angle against the core to push it out.

Diablo Blades

The other innovative feature of these Diablo blades is just plain and simple additional length. Now 2-3/8″ long, the Snap Lock Hole Saws have the ability to cut completely through a 2x material with room to get through the sheet lumber that it may be attached to. Of course, this eliminates the need to cut from both sides to complete the hole. Diablo’s tooth technology will ensure that the additional length doesn’t wear out your drill. These haven’t hit the market just yet, but be on the lookout for the launch soon.

Each of these new Diablo blades are innovative in their own right. The Pergo blade was designed specifically for the abusive application that it was tested. The Carbide Recip Saw blades and Snap Lock Hole Saws performed impressively in extremely harsh situations that most users are not likely to find themselves in. At the same time, this innovation pushes the envelope in a way that allows us to expect more from our tools. We can begin to expand the possibilities of the applications that they can be used for. The limitations are beginning to melt away. As I watched these demonstrations and got my hands on the tools, I was left wondering where innovation takes Diablo blades next.

Keep your eyes on Diablo’s home on the web for more information about these innovative products!

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