October 19, 2021

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Hilti Tracefast Traceable Fasteners

Hilti tracefast

Hilti Tracefast Tech Simplifies Identification and Documentation of Anchor Installations

At this past World of Concrete Event in Las Vegas, Hilti announced its newest innovation: Tracefast smart fasteners. These new traceable fasteners allow for unique identification and digital documentation on the job site.

10-Second Summary

  • Hilti Tracefast lets you document every individual anchor, screw, and bolt installed
  • Uses a digital matrix code (DMC) to make every fastener uniquely identifiable and traceable
  • Scan DMC codes on fasteners with Hilti Connect app to log and view details, find setting instructions, and access training and inspection documents and certifications

What’s the Big Deal?

Jobs that require documentation for every anchor, screw, and bolt require lots of paperwork. If you don’t work on commercial jobs like this—think nuclear power plants, bridges, and other civil engineering applications where precision and safety are paramount. Hilti realized they could streamline the process by leveraging the IoT (Internet of Things) to provide users with some solutions. This includes fastener documentation and tracking, digital access to relevant setting instructions, training & inspection documents, and even certifications.

Hilti tracefast

Hilti’s Tracefast technology platform provides specifiers and contractors with an app-based solution to many of these challenges. Each fastener comes with a data matrix code (DMC)—a sort of QR-style code laser-printed directly on the fastener. This makes every fastener uniquely identifiable and traceable. The ID contains the item number, batch number, and a serial number.

You can then use the Hilti Connect app on your smartphone to scan the code and view the installed fastener details, as well as document the fastener or anchor placement and installation.

What Hilti Tracefast Can Tell You

  • Identify the fastener (item number, batch, serial number)
  • Give the location of the anchor or fastener
  • A timestamp of the fastener or anchor installation
  • Locate anchor or fastener documentation

As IoT transforms the construction industry, our product portfolio will continue to expand and shape possibilities for broader applications and services. Connected anchors is another expansion of that value that only Hilti is positioned to provide. The anchor identification that we bring to the market now paves the way for increasing jobsite productivity across the application chain, helps provide traceability from design and ordering to installation, and eventually ‘smarter’ products. Such technology is useful with the increasing trend of inspections on safety critical applications.

—Muthu Manohar, Senior Director of Fastening & Protection at Hilti North America

Hilti Tracefast Available Soon

The Hilti Tracefast technology looks like one more step in Hilti’s investment into digitized construction. This technology isn’t for every job site. However, if you already have to document every fastener, Hilti Tracefast offers a new way to speed up and standardize the process.

For more information about the product, to see a demo, or to download the Hilti Connect app, visit the website.

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