Makita 4.0 aH Batteries Announced!

Makita 4.0 aH Battery

Makita 4.0 aH Batteries Increase Runtime

Just a few days ago, I was putting the Makita XSH01Z 36 Volt Circular Saw through a high stress test. It performed admirably, but I thought that a 4.0 amp hour battery would be a great improvement over the pair of 3.0’s that I was using. It seems that Makita had already been working on that and have announced new 4.0 and 2.0 amp hour battery packs.

Do a little math, and you’ll see that the Makita 4.0 aH battery is a 33% improvement over the 3.0 model. The 2.0 amp hour pack shares the same 33% improvement over the 1.5 amp hour model. Of course, increased capacity means increased time to charge, but Makita still is ahead of the majority of their competition. The 2.0 batteries should take no more than 25 minutes of charge time. 40 minutes is what you can expect from the 4.0 aH packs.

What does an extra 33% get you? In my high stress test, the Makita 36 Volt Circular saw made it through 72 feet of rip cutting pressure treated 2 x 12 material. 4.0 amp hour batteries would push that to near 100 feet. 6 hours of being able to use your drill becomes 8 hours. From Makita’s in house testing, the team was able to use a hammer drill to create 25 holes with the 4.0 aH over 18 with the 3.0 aH.

Here’s what Mario Lopez, Cordless Tools Project Manager had to tell us about the Makita 4.0 aH and 2.0 aH Batteries: “Contractors are always seeking solutions that increase productivity and reduce downtime. Since Makita created the 18V lithium-ion category in 2005, we’ve delivered an expanding line-up of cordless tools that lets contractors cut the cord for applications that had always required a corded tool. The new 2.0 and 4.0 amp-hour batteries give contractors industry-leading performance and compatibility, with batteries that spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger. And there’s more battery innovation on the way in 2014.”

Makita 4.0 aH Battery

  • Model Number: BL1840
  • Family Compatibility: 18 Volt LXT, Compact Cordless with Star Symbol
  • Amp Hour Capacity: 4.0 aH
  • Charge Time: 40 minutes
  • Availability: Select Kits – August, Separate Accessory – September

Makita 2.0 aH Battery

  • Model Number: BL1820
  • Family Compatibility: 18 Volt LXT, Compact Cordless with Star Symbol
  • Amp Hour Capacity: 2.0 aH
  • Charge Time: 25 minutes
  • Availability: Immediately

For more information on the Makita 4.0 aH battery, 2.0 aH battery, and other products, visit their website.

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