Makita Premium Diamond Blades Dual Purpose Accessory Reviews

Makita Premium Diamond Blades Improve Performance and Life

Makita Premium Diamond Blades have a couple of major areas we see improvements and upgrades. On the material strength side, we’re looking at a new bond formulation for the premium quality diamonds. By improving the bonding, Makita is touting higher overall performance, with faster cutting as a practical result.


The blades also move from 7mm to 13mm segment heights. The combination of taller segments and better bonding should greatly improve the overall life of each blade.

Cooling slots and gullets are still in place so the blade stays cooler and the cut runs smoother while you’re working.

According to Makita, you can expect up to 40% faster cutting and 4x the life of competing diamond blades.


Makita Premium Diamond Blades

Makita is going after both general-purpose and dual-purpose categories with 17 total products in the premium diamond blade space.

Segmented Blades – General Purpose

Looking for speed in concrete and asphalt? Makita Segmented Diamond Blades have you covered and are great for both wet and dry cutting.

Available in 4″, 4-1/2″, 5″, 7″, and 10″ diameters.

Makita Premium Diamond Blades Segmented

Turbo Blades – General Purpose

Makita Turbo Diamond Blades leave a smoother finish thanks to its constant contact with material. This is another wet or dry cut blade and works well for concrete block, pavers, brick, concrete, and roofing tile.

Available in 4″, 4-1/2″, 5″, and 7″ diameters.

Makita Premium Diamond Blades Turbo

Continuous Rim – General Purpose

When you’re cutting in marble, granite, porcelain tile, or ceramic tile, Makita’s Continuous Rim is a great choice for wet or dry cutting.

Available in 4″ and 7″ diameters.

Makita Premium Diamond Blades Continuous Rim


Dual-Purpose Blades

Dual-Purpose Makita Premium Diamond Blades take advantage of a harder bond and do some of their best work cutting asphalt and concrete. The dual-purpose blades stand out thanks to their black color (general-purpose blades are grey/silver).

Available in 10″, 12″, and 14″ diameters.

Makita Premium Diamond Blades Dual Purpose

Learn more at Makita’s website or check out their line of accessories on Amazon.

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