Simple Man Products Spyder Scraper Tiling & Flooring Tool Reviews

Simple Man Products Spyder Scraper

What do you do when you have to take up a vinyl floor or remove tough adhesive off a surface? If you are like me, it usually involved getting down on hands and knees with a heavy-duty scraper or chisel. You would then start the slow process or taking up the material one little area at a time and only wish there was a better way. With a product we saw demonstrated at the Simple Man Products booth at the International Builders Show that wish has come true. Their product called the Simple Man Products Spyder Scraper is a chisel scraper that fits any standard reciprocating saw on the market.


Simple Man Products Spyder Scraper Features

Made out of thick steel, there is a 4” wide scraping blade that you can resharpen when it gets dull. Just insert the blade and use your reciprocating saw on a medium speed. No more backbreaking work pealing up that old floor adhesive now! We would expect flooring guys, painters, tile installers and any one that has to work with old paint, vinyl flooring, wallpaper, linoleum or rubber backed carpet to find this tool handy.

Simple Man Products Spider Scraper

The Simple Man Products Spyder Scraper blade fits right into any standard reciprocating saw and makes quick work of most scraping tasks.

While talking with the company founder at the show, he explained that the Simple Man Products philosophy is pretty easy. Himself along with a couple other contractor types identified some common problems out on the job and came up with solutions that worked. Seeing the potential, they formed a company and started marketing their products. The simple innovations that come out of the job site are what Simple Man Products is all about. Sounds good to us!


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