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Dremel Velocity Oscillating Tool Review

Dremel Velocity
PTR Review
  • Cutting Speed 9.5
  • Vibration Control 6.0
  • Accessory Change 8.0
  • Ergonomics 6.5
  • Noise Level 5.8
  • Value 8.6

The Dremel Velocity definitely has the power and speed that you'd want from a Pro-level multi-tool, but its noise, cumbersome ergonomics, and lack of vibration control might get on your nerves.

Overall Score 7.4 (out of 10)

A few months ago, we put 26 different oscillating tool models against each other to see which brands could turn out the performance, feature sets, and value. You can read about how it all went down in our Oscillating Multi-tool Shootout. However, today we’re looking at one of the more powerful models in our competition, the Dremel Velocity.

This 4.16 lb multi-tool has a 7-amp motor and a 5° angle of oscillation for some of the rawest power and quickest cuts we saw in the shootout.

But what trade-offs will you have to make and what’s up with that funky design?

Key Features

Power Activation

On/off switch or trigger?

Our Pro team overwhelming prefers a switch like Dremel uses on the Velocity to free up both hands for gripping the tool no matter where the cut takes them.

Variable Speed Dial

The power switch is meaningless if you don’t pair it with a speed dial. Dremel has one to adjust the speed between 10,000 and 16,000 OPM.

Dremel Velocity

Control Foot

The odd design of the Dremel Velocity surrounds the development of what Dremel calls the Control Foot. This plastic piece pivot around to support the tool so you can make consistent cuts and scrapes over longer distances.

In order to make it work, the accessory clamp shifts to the side with ergonomic consequences.

Dremel Velocity

Blade Changes

The Dremel Velocity employs a blade change system that’s similar to many of the models we looked at. To remove, adjust, or replace the blade, you only need to turn the lever on the side of the housing. The bolt that holds the blade in place loosens up, and the user can pop the old blade out.

Dremel Velocity

The whole system works pretty well, and it doesn’t require any extra tools. We consider this a big plus, though we wish all the models we tested included the Bosch/Fein Starlock System. In any case, the blade change system that comes with the Dremel Velocity is pretty simple and it’s easy enough to use.


At more than 4 lbs, the Dremel Velocity is a heavy oscillating multi-tool. It also has a large footprint and feels pretty cumbersome, especially for some of your lighter-duty tasks. It does have a bit of rubber overmolding on the handle which helps, but you’ll want something more like the Dremel MM45 unless you’re doing a lot of scraping or making long cuts.

Dremel Velocity

Beyond the size of the tool, shifting the accessory clamp to the side has other effects. To do your flush cutting or other “normal” multi-tool cutting, you’ll rotate the tool 90°. It’s debatable if that’s a negative or neutral consequence since oscillating multi-tools work in a wide variety of spaces and angles. For now, our team is split in their opinions.


The Dremel Velocity has the biggest motor we tested at 7 amps. All that power needs to be housed somewhere I guess, and if you’ve got the motor to blast through cuts like this thing does, perhaps you shouldn’t expect a 2 lb tool.

Dremel Velocity Oscillating Multi-Tool

Anyway, the Dremel Velocity employs a 5° oscillation arc for aggressive cuts. Most oscillating multi-tools are around 3.6°. It has nine different speed settings on its variable speed dial, ending with the somewhat foreboding “Hyper Speed” setting.

Overall, it finished 3rd in our speed testing with an average plunge cut speed of 11.7 seconds. That puts it right behind the Festool Vecturo, and the Rockwell Sonicrafter which also has a 5° option.


Oscillating multi-tools tend to vibrate a fair amount thanks to their designed action. Depending on how much effort the manufacturer does or doesn’t put into vibration dampening technology, these vibrations can cause some discomfort if the tool sees some extended, uninterrupted use. Fein owns the vibration control category and there are others that do an admirable job. The Dremel Velocity is near the bottom of the group – a disappointing result considering the long cutting/scraping intention of its design.


It might not surprise you too much to find that the Dremel Velocity, with all its raw power and vibration, also generates a fair bit of noise. At 102 dB, it’s not the loudest model in our tests, but it also isn’t too far off from that mark. While you’ll need hearing protection with any of our multi-tools, the Velocity is a full 10 dB(A) higher than the quietest.

Understanding Hearing Protection with DeWalt


The Dremel Velocity will run you just shy of $180 with a 10-piece accessory kit. This price falls somewhere in the middle of all of the oscillating multi-tools. Set against its performance and design, it earns a respectable 4.3 out of 5 stars for value.

The Bottom Line

The Dremel Velocity definitely has the power and speed that you’d want from a Pro-level multi-tool, but its noise, cumbersome ergonomics, and lack of vibration control might get on your nerves. Ultimately, the cons hold it back enough that the Dremel Velocity finishes in an underwhelming 20th place in our shootout.

At the end of the day, this is a good fit if you do a lot of long rip cuts and/or scrapes with your multi-tool. If you don’t, there are better models available.

Dremel Velocity Features

  • Powerful 7 Amp motor and patented high torque mechanism for larger cutting jobs that traditional oscillating tools cannot handle
  • 9X faster Hyper-Speed to complete bigger jobs faster – 5-degree oscillation angle with new drive system delivers a faster speed of cut
  • Patented control foot and new blade designs for long and accurate cuts in sheet material
  • Great accuracy and easier to use than reciprocating saws in tougher materials like plywood, oak, and Hardiebacker
  • Quick-Lock accessory quick-change for secure clamping force and fits most major accessory brands
  • Hyper and precision variable speed – for optional performance in a variety of materials

Dremel Velocity Specs

  • Model: Dremel VC60-01
  • Motor Size: 7 Amp (770 watts)
  • Oscillations: 10,000-16,000 OPM
  • Oscillation Angle: 5°
  • Weight: 4.16 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Price: $180
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