Corded Saw Reviews
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This saw is well worth the price, will bog down on deep cuts but I’ve used the hell out of mine. Have a 90 tooth diablo blade on it and with the sleds i built i make 95% of my 45° and 90° cuts on this thing and ive built a couple cabinets with shaker doors amd drawers,a bought stand, bed frame, and headboard and working on a fancy little desk no complaints about this tool, just pay attention to Ebay she sounds like and adjust accordingly and she’ll test ya right

Kurt Peterson

It does not have a slow start

Don Harms

I’ve used plenty of potable table-saws, never burned one up till I ripped a few two by fours with a coworker on one of these handy-dandy homeowner (built for HD Ridgid tablesaw) Great price point, you’ll be driving to and from HD a lot if you’re going to actually use it.