DeWalt 20V Max XR Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander Cordless Grinder Reviews & Sanders

DeWalt 20V Max XR Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander DCW200

DeWalt 20V Max XR Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander Expands Cordless Woodworking Options

The new DeWalt 20V Max XR Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander makes the 6th tool available in the brand’s cordless woodworking segment. As part of the 20V Max platform, it’s part of a system that includes more than 200 compatible tools.

10-Second Summary

  • Model DCW200
  • $129 bare, $199 with 2.0Ah battery, $229 with 5.0Ah battery
  • Low-profile 1/4 sheet design
  • Brushless motor
  • Variable 7-speed dial
  • 12,000 – 14,000 OPM
  • Available late 2019


The sander’s brushless motor is capable of delivering 12,000 – 14,000 OPM that you adjust with its 7-speed dial.

DeWalt goes for a low-profile design, covering the gripping areas with rubber overmold. As a 1/4 sheet sander, you get a sandpaper clamp instead of the hook and loop connections you find on many random orbit sanders.

There’s a dust collection port on the back and DeWalt includes a bag to use when you don’t have a vac handy.

It weighs 2.1 pounds without the battery and a 5.0Ah battery will add another 1.4 pounds to it. That keeps the total weight around 3.5 pounds.

The DeWalt 20V Max XR Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander is due out in retail stores by the end of 2019. Expect the bare tool to run $129 and the kit with a 5.0Ah battery and charger to set you back $229. There’s also a compact 2.0Ah battery kit coming that runs $199.


Thoughts on the DeWalt 20V Max XR Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander

DeWalt 20V Max XR Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander

DeWalt is slowly expanding into more cordless woodworking tools and I like the addition of a 1/4 sheet sander. It’s an everyman design with less expensive paper required than hook and loop pads for random orbit sanders. When it comes to general sanding tasks, it’s a good design to have around.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to use my random orbit sanders when it matters most, though.

We got a chance to put our hands on this model at STAFDA in Nashville this year and there aren’t a ton of surprises in the design. There also isn’t a ton of competition for DeWalt in the category—Ridgid and Ryobi are the only other major players to have a cordless 1/4 sheet sander. Bosch also had one back in 2015, but I don’t believe it ever made it the US market.

Comparatively speaking, we did notice that DeWalt’s cordless 1/4 sheet sander has a more stout clamping system than Ridgid’s. Both Ridgid and Ryobi will cost you quite a bit less. However, DeWalt’s design looks to be a notch higher in quality and it has a much deeper line of professional tools to use with the same batteries.

Are you going to run out and buy the new 1/4 sheet sander or stick with the random orbit model? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


DeWalt 20V Max XR Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander Specifications

  • Models
    • Bare Tool: DeWalt DCW200B
    • 2.0Ah Kit: DeWalt DCW200D1
    • 5.0Ah Kit: DeWalt DCW200P1
  • Power Source: DeWalt 20V Max battery
  • Oscillations: 12,000 – 14,000 OPM
  • Dimensions: 5.3″ tall, 6″ long, 4.6″ wide
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds bare
  • Price: $129.00 (bare), $199.00 (2.0Ah kit), $229.00 (5.0Ah kit)
  • Warranty: 3 years
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