Black & Decker CHV1410B Dustbuster 14.4V Cordless Hand Vacuum Review Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Black & Decker CHV1410B Dustbuster 14.4V Cordless Hand Vacuum Review

The Black & Decker CHV1410B Dustbuster 14.4V Cordless Hand Vacuum continues on in the long tradition of portable vacuums that Dustbuster’s have been known for since their introduction in 1979. In fact, the term “Dustbuster” has come to define an entire market segment and it is often that we hear folks use the name Dustbuster even when talking about other brands of hand held portable vacuums. We are glad to see that the folks at B&D are always looking for ways to keep the real Dustbuster fresh and full of features.


Black & Decker CHV1410B Dustbuster 14.4V Cordless Hand VacuumThe Black & Decker CHV1410B Dustbuster 14.4V Cordless Hand Vacuum has a number of key features that make it a logical choice if you are looking to pick up such a tool. With a translucent dirt bowl, it is easy to see when it is getting full and inside the dirt bowl is a filter that can be cleaned and re-used. The overall size of the vacuum is compact and lightweight with a good balance that makes it simple to wield with just one hand. The 14.4V battery is integral to the motor housing and is not replaceable. The crevice tool is built into the nozzle end of the vacuum and all you have to do is give it a slight pull and it extends out; giving you about 50% further reach over the previous generation Dustbuster. Also built into the nozzle end of the tool is a brush attachment that simply swings out of the way when it is not needed. The wide mouth of the nozzle makes it easy to suck up even large size debris like grass or leaves. The other really nifty features of the nozzle end of this Dustbuster is that it rotates so that now you have yet more flexibility as to where you can clean. The dirt cup will hold over a pound and a half of dirt and dust too. As for the features that you don’t see, the motor and filter design is such that a cyclonic action is induced so that the spinning action of the air inside the dust bowl actually helps keep the dust from collecting on the filter. That means the suction power stays strong for far longer than traditional designs. The charging system for this vacuum is Energy Star approved, soit saves energy and helps protect the batteries. Also there is an indicator light on the top of the vacuum that lets you know the status of the battery charge.

Black & Decker CHV1410B Hand Vacuum application

The B&D CHV1410B Dustbuster 14.4V Cordless Hand Vacuum made quick work of the debris in our company car.

Testing and Use

Black & Decker CHV1410B Dustbuster 14.4V Cordless Hand Vacuum - testingThe first thing that we did with the Black & Decker CHV1410B Dustbuster 14.4V Cordless Hand Vacuum was to install the included hanging bracket on the wall in our shop so that we had a place to store it while it was charging. While we like the idea of being able to hang it up so that it is always in a convenient place and ready to go, we didn’t really appreciate that to charge the battery we still had to insert a separate plug into the top of the tool. It would seem to us that if you were to make a hanging station, the charger would be built into the support and act like a charging cradle. While the included system worked just fine, it seems like a major design flaw – and we think that in future generations we would like to see a more integral hanging mount and charger. Once the vacuum was charged we went to town cleaning up one of our company cars. We found that the Dustbuster had adequate power to suck up most of the debris and dirt that was on the carpets in the vehicle. The built in extension made it handy when we were trying to get into places like around the gas peddle and in between the seats. The appeal that the Dustbuster has to us is that it is a cordless, lightweight vacuum that is always at the ready to clean up small messes. We did find that there was certain situations that the Dustbuster was not adequate for sucking up heavy things like screws, nails or large wood chips. Cleanups for these types of messes should still be left up to larger size wet/dry vacuums.

Black & Decker CHV1410B Hand Vacuum application -1

The dirt cup is easy to empty and clean



Black & Decker CHV1410B Hand Vacuum application -2The Black & Decker CHV1410B Dustbuster 14.4V Cordless Hand Vacuum is a fantastic new addition to the long Dustbuster lineage that goes back over 30 years. With some great features like an easy to clean re-usable filter and a built in crevice tool, this vacuum is both great to use around the house and in the garage for simple cleanup tasks. For our Professional rating we gave this tool a 6/10 since its purpose is really geared for the homeowner and mostly only small tasks. For our Value rating we gave the vacuum a 7/10 because we feel that its size and convenience come at a decent price.

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