Get More Out of Your Festool Vacuum Setup Dust Extractor Reviews

Get More Out of Your Festool Vacuum Setup

A dust extractor is just a dust extractor – the only difference is in CFM and water lift, right? That’s an oversimplification in this day and age of OSHA silica dust compliance. Add in features like automatic tool activation and HEPA compatibility and you’ll still fall short of what a Festool vacuum can do for you. When Festool looks at an application, they don’t just see a tool. They visualize a system that runs through the tool from the accessory to dust collection and everything in between.

So how do you get more out of the dust extraction end of that equation? More CFM? Higher water lift?

You can chase number if you want to, but you eventually get to a point of diminishing returns. Festool imagines a dust extractor that’s more than just the collection point of the system – there’s room to be so much more. So let’s take a look at how you can upgrade your Festool CT vacuum and see if it makes sense for you.


Festool Vacuum Workcenter Organizer

Like a crowded city that doesn’t have room to expand out, Festool looks up for ways to get more out of your CT. When you add a Festool Workcenter organizer, you add storage capability that goes wherever you roll your Festool vacuum.

It includes a storage base that accepts Systainers, an adjustable height shelf, a swinging adjustable shelf, and two metal pegboards along with a handful of hooks. Since we’re focusing out CT36 on woodworking tasks, we have our sanding accessories covering the Workcenter.

Get More Out of Your Festool Vacuum Setup

The WCR 1000 Workcenter Organizer is compatible with Festool CT 22, CT 33, CT 26, CT 36, and CT 48 vacuums and costs $415.

Learn more about the Workcenter for your Festool Vacuum here.

Storage is Good, But What About More Function?

Taking things a giant leap forward, you can add a Boom Arm to your Festool vacuum. The magic happening here is that you get the tool cord and hose up and out of the way while still getting 140° of motion around the vacuum. For us, it’s about working around larger workpieces like exterior doors without dragging the hose and cord across the wood we’re sanding. For Tim Johnson over at Shop Tool Reviews, it’s about working around a vehicle or building furniture over at Seventeen 20 Handcrafted Furnishing with John Bucklew.

Get More Out of Your Festool Vacuum Setup

In addition to getting hoses and cords out of the way, you also remove the weight of them. It’s not that their respective weights are overbearing, it that losing the weight allows you to apply a smoother finish in your sanding or complete smoother cuts with your track saw.

The Boom Arm CT-ASA is ready to go for a CT 48, but you’ll need a couple extra accessories if you’re working with another CT model. The CT 22 and Ct 33 require an additional handle while the Ct 26 and Ct 36 need a handle and boom arm support bracket. Depending on what you need, the Boom Arm starts at $375 and can stand alone on your CT or work with the Workcenter.

Learn more about the Boom Arm for your Festool vacuum here.


The Bottom Line

You can tangibly extend the function of your Festool Vacuum by taking advantage of the Workcenter and Boom Arm accessories to create a system that takes your work to the next level of professionalism. To see more about how these systems work together, check out Clint DeBoer’s review over at Shop Tool Reviews.

Festool Workcenter Organizer and Boom Arm Review

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