May 18, 2021

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iQ Cyclonic Dust Extractor iQ 426 HEPA

iQ Debuts Cyclonic HEPA Dust Extraction at GIE with a 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Award

iQ Power Tools knows how to deal with dust. In fact, it’s been one of their big claims to fame. Between masonry saws, power cutters, tile saws, and more, the iQ lineup specializes in keeping the amount of breathable dust in the air to a minimum, often while dry cutting.

They’ve gone and taken their experience with dust management and applied it to the iQ 426 HEPA…which means that you can take their experience in dust management and apply it to your work with grinders, saws, and whatever else has a tendency to kick up some dust. The iQ Power Tools Cyclonic Dust Extractor presents “a complete revolution for the construction industry,” according to the company.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: iQ 426 HEPA
  • Airflow-tuned cyclone technology
  • Less than 1% of dust ever reaches the filter
  • Certified HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust at .3 µm
  • Double filtration (HEPA and Durabond)
  • 10 gallon/50 lb dust containment tub
  • OSHA-compliant: 190 CFM/100″ water lift
  • Optional dust containment bag system
  • Full array of nozzle accessories
  • 60 lbs
  • $1199
  • Available in November 2019

War On Dust

The iQ Cyclonic Dust Extractor uses 4 stages of filtration to eliminate dust particles from your atmosphere. The first stage is the large cyclone. This captures all of your larger particles. Next, dust runs into the second stage of filtration, the smaller cyclone. This stage removes all of your small to medium-sized particles. Third stage filtration removes the fine particles. The fourth stage is the HEPA filter. At this point, so much dust has been filtered that less than 1% of the dust actually hits the HEPA filter.

iQ Cyclonic Dust Extractor

And, as you know with HEPA filters, they filter out 99.97% of dust at 0.3 µm. So, even the <1% of dust that is hitting the filter is getting filtered even further.

For even more protection from dust, the iQ Cyclonic Dust Filter has an optional dust containment bag system that makes the dust disposal even safer and easier.


All this filtering is fantastic, but in terms of performance and power, what is the iQ Cyclonic Dust Extractor capable of?

iQ Power Tools tells us that the iQ426 can crank out 190 CFM and pull 100″ of water lift. That’s enough power to suck up 50 lbs of drywall dust in 30 seconds.

iQ Cyclonic Dust Extractor

To put that into perspective, the best HEPA-filtered dust extractors we looked at in our most recent shootout were generating between 130 – 150 CFM and most have lower water lift. The iQ 426 HEPA excels in both of these categories.


The iQ Cyclonic Dust Extractor features a 10-gallon/50 lb dust containment tub. It comes with a full array of nozzle attachments, heavy-duty cart, and 14′ anti-static hose. Simple, onboard hose storage keeps everything organized when not in use.

Look for the iQ Cyclonic Dust Extractor to become available in November 2019. Expect it to run somewhere around $1199 when it launches.

To learn more or to watch the iQ Cyclonic Dust Extractor in action, click here.

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Suggestion: make something like this that I can use in my house! All the big vacuums miss the market of large dog owners who battle hair and dust daily in carpet and smooth floors!

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