RIDGID NXT Wet/Dry Vacs Include One with Removable Blower


Last Updated on February 16, 2020

RIDGID has long provided tradesmen, Pros, and consumers with powerful job site vacuums. The wet/dry vacs deliver impressive CFMs and tons of collection ability for big messes. The RIDGID NXT wet/dry vacs include 6, 12, 14 and 16-gallon models. These new Ridgid tools include revised ergonomics with enhanced features designed for easier job site cleanup.

“Jobsite cleanup is never a fun task for the professional, and it’s one that can often slow down a job. RIDGID wet/dry vacs have always been known for their superior pickup performance; we wanted to see if there were new ways we could make the cleanup process better,” said Sabrina Witkowski, RIDGID Global Marketing Manager. “Working alongside professionals in the field helped us discover some clear ease-of-use innovations that could help tradespeople get on to the next job faster.”

RIDGID NXT Wet-Dry Vacuums

Redesigned RIDGID NXT Wet/Dry Vacs Features

  • Front-to-back top carry handle
  • Added comfort-grip side handles
  • New drum key and side latches that create a tighter lid-to-drum seal
  • Larger on/off switch for easier operation with gloved hands
  • Built-in cord wrap

All the new Professional Ridgid NXT Wet-Dry vacuums include a new locking hose designed to stay put. Ridgid claims the hose is 4x more durable than a standard hose and it won’t easily pull loose. Pickup power also increased by 77% on the 12, 14 and 16-gallon models thanks to a new utility nozzle.

What to Expect

These vacs still have the standard Ridgid vac features like built-in noise reduction and tool-free filter installation and removal. Excluding the new 6-gallon model, the others all become OSHA/HEPA compliant when used with Table 1 compliant Ridgid VF6500RT filtration kits.

We’re super-interested in the one model shown with a removable blower. How that two-in-one feature might work is anyone’s guess. It certainly seems unique, so we plan to investigate when we can.

RIDGID Professional NXT Vacs blower

Pricing and Model Information

6 Gallon NXT Wet/Dry Vac

  • Model: RT0600
  • Catalog #: 62703
  • Price: $78

12 Gallon NXT Wet/DRY RT1200

  • Model: RT1200
  • Catalog #: 62703
  • Price: $122.25

14 Gallon NXT Wet/Dry Vac with Cart

  • Model: RT1400
  • Catalog #: 62718
  • Price: $169.90

16 Gallon NXT Wet/Dry Vac with Detachable Blower

  • Model: RT1600
  • Catalog #: 62723
  • Price: $182.15
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In general, we love Ridgid wet/dry vacs. The company backs all of the Professional NXT Vacs with a full lifetime warranty. For more info, visit RIDGID.com or call toll-free: 1-800-4RIDGID.

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