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DeWalt Protector Safety Glasses Review

Safety glasses. If you do any kind of projects around the house – be it woodworking, tile, or any kind of remodeling – you need a decent pair of safety glasses. While many believe one pair of safety glasses are just as good as another, we beg to differ. Fit, function and form all play a part in a good pair of safety glasses – at least if you care about comfort and how well they look on you. I’m not all that vain, but I’ve seen some glasses that even Hugh Jackman couldn’t make cool. The DeWalt Protector safety glasses look as good as they feel…and they feel pretty good.


DeWalt Protector Safety Glasses Features

The DeWalt Protector safety glasses DPG54-1C do several things right: they fit well, they don’t distort what comes through the lenses and they wrap around the sides for ample protection. Now, with that said, I have a very small head and they fit me just fine. For larger heads these glasses may come up a bit short and may be a tad too tight over the ears.

DeWalt Protector safety glasses scratches

The glasses meets ANSI Z87.1+ standards, which is to say they are certified to provide adequate protection, are reasonably comfortable, fit securely, don’t interfere with movement or vision, are easy to clean and disinfect, and fit over prescription eyewear. They also provide 99.9% UV protection and feature a modern design with rubber tipped arms in the expected DeWalt Yellow. All told, the safety glasses weigh less than 1 ounce and are impact resistant, though after several weeks of hard use we got more than a few scratches on ours from dropping them onto concrete and tossing them into my tool bag (surely not an uncommon occurrence on the job site). If you want to keep these glasses pristine, you will want to take care of them and watch where they are placed when not in use.


Looking through the polycarbonate (a fancy word for plastic) lenses, we could really appreciate the distortion free experience that, along with the comfortable fit, allowed us to forget they were even on. These are the kind of safety glasses you want to wear because they will disappear onto your head and you won’t feel like there’s anything impeding your vision. The glasses come in three forms. The DPG54-1 model (which we tested) is Clear but DeWalt also offers the DPG54-2 which has darker Smoke colored lenses, and also the less shaded DPG54-9 with Indoor/Outdoor lenses.


Overall these glasses do an excellent job at protecting the eyes without intruding into your range of vision. The best thing you can say about a pair of safety glasses is that they don’t feel like they are on. In the case of the DeWalt DPG54’s this is exactly the case. The lenses are still polycarbonate, so you can’t be entirely carefree with them as they will take on scratches with any serious abrasives. You also don’t find any fancy extras like LED work lights on these glasses, but those extra features, while cool, take away form the comfort level. We can recommend these to anyone, and with a street price under $10, they’re going to be hard to resist the next time you pass by them at your local home improvement store.

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