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Milwaukee Announces a Major Expansion of Headlamp Line

New Milwaukee Headlamps Include Innovative 360º Vis Option

Milwaukee already has a pretty solid line of headlamps and coming in October, they’re launching three new products in their line of personal lighting solutions. The Milwaukee headlamp expansion will include two rechargeable solutions – the Beacon Hard Hat light and the USB Rechargeable Low-Profile Headlamp – and a non-rechargeable Spot/Flood Headlamp.

Milwaukee Headlamp Expansion

  • USB Rechargeable Beacon Hard Hat Light provides 360° of safety lighting
  • USB Rechargeable Low-Profile Headlamp works with bare or hard hat use
  • Spot/Flood Headlamp has a compact design with five different modes
  • Rechargeable options run on RedLithium USB battery
  • All have IP54 ratings and drop protection for up to 2 meters


What Milwaukee is Saying

“At any time of day, in any work environment, ensuring yourself and others are visible is critical. Milwaukee has a long tradition of improving safety through product innovation, so we paired our leadership in cordless technology and our advanced lighting features to improve users’ safety through a range of new high-output headlamps. The most groundbreaking of these headlamps is a USB Rechargeable Beacon Hard Hat Light – the first headlamp to provide high-output task lighting combined with active personal safety lighting.”

-Ben Cabot, Senior Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

Beacon Hard Hat Light

We saw the 360º vis model at the last NPS event, and it has a lot going for it, predominantly the lighting at the back. This feature makes it so that you’re visible to others from whichever direction you’re facing. Extra personal safety, particularly in dim or dark areas, is never a bad thing.

Milwaukee Headlamp Expansion

It has steady and blinking light options that keep users visible for up to 1/4 mile from all directions. The Beacon delivers up to 600 lumens of TrueView high definition light with spot and flood beam modes. Ideally, this is the hard hat light to wear for roadside, tunnel, underground, spotting and signaling work, as well as anytime you find yourself working around moving equipment.

The Beacon fits any and all hard hats with its elastic strap, silicon grip, and hard hat clips. It has 5 output modes: hybrid spot/flood, flood high, flood medium, flood low, and spot high. It runs on Milwaukee’s rechargeable USB RedLithium battery. Users should get anywhere between 2 and 20 hours of runtime, depending on your setting.

Milwaukee USB Rechargeable Beacon Hard Hat Light

Milwaukee Headlamp Expansion Beacon

  • Model Number: Milwaukee 2116-21
  • Modes: Spot/Flood, Flood High/Medium/Low, Spot High
  • Lumens:
    • Spot/Flood: 600
    • High Flood: 400
    • Medium Flood: 200
    • Low Flood: 25
    • Spot High: 400
  • Run-time:
    • Spot/Flood: 2 hours
    • High Flood: 4 hours
    • Medium Flood: 8 hours
    • Low Flood: 20 hours
    • Spot High:  4 hours
  • Ingress Rating: IP54
  • Weight w/ Battery: 0.45 lbs
  • Price: $99.99

Includes: USB Rechargeable Beacon Hard Hat Light, RedLithium USB Battery, 2ft Heavy Duty USB Cord, and 2 Universal Hard Hat Clips.

Low-Profile Headlamp

Also a part of the USB rechargeable revolution happening for Milwaukee’s headlamp expansion, the low-profile headlamp features a 1″ thick light head that can still deliver wide flood beam coverage, despite its small profile. It also delivers up to 600 lumens worth of TrueView hi-def lighting.

Milwaukee Headlamp Expansion

Its battery is located in the back of the unit, which allows the light max maneuverability in tight spaces. It features a sweat-absorbing microfiber strap for bare head use, and hard hat clips to keep it in place on your hard hat.

It features 4 light output modes: high, medium, low, and Eco mode. On one charge, it’s possible to get more than 25 hours of runtime.


Milwaukee Low Profile Headlamp

  • Model Number: Milwaukee 2115-21
  • Modes: Flood High, Medium, Low, Eco
  • Lumens:
    • Flood High: 600
    • Medium: 350
    • Low: 125
    • Eco: 25
  • Run-time:
    • Flood High: 2 hours
    • Medium: 6 hours
    • Low: 10.5 hours
    • Eco: 25 hours
  • Ingress Rating: IP54
  • Weight w/ Battery: 0.41 lbs
  • Price: $69.99

Includes: USB Rechargeable Low-Profile Headlamp, RedLithium USB Battery, 2ft Heavy Duty USB Cord, and 4 Universal Hard Hat Clips.


Spot/Flood Headlamp

Finally, a spot/flood headlamp joins the Milwaukee headlamp expansion, but it does it without the rechargeability of the first two offerings. This omission might seem curious, but not everyone is trying to pay the premium that comes with rechargeable batteries. This model uses three AAA batteries instead and gets about the same runtime while costing 1/2 to 2/3 less than the other two new models.

Milwaukee Headlamp Expansion

The Milwaukee Spot/Flood Headlamp can crank out up to 450 lumens of TruView hi-def light. You have the option of casting a 100m spot beam or choosing from 4 other modes which include a high medium, and low flood setting, as well as a hybrid spot/flood setting.

It features a sweat-absorbing microfiber strap that is comfortable to wear by itself. Or, in case you’re using it with a hard hat, it comes with hard hat clips.

Milwaukee Spot/Flood Headlamp

  • Model Number: Milwaukee 2104M
  • Modes: Hybrid Spot/Flood, Flood High/Medium/Low, Spot High
  • Lumens:
    • Hybrid Spot/Flood: 450
    • High Flood: 350
    • Medium Flood: 150
    • Low Flood: 25
    • Spot High: 350
  • Run-time:
    • Hybrid Spot/Flood: 2 hours
    • High Flood: 4 hours
    • Medium Flood: 10 hours
    • Low Flood: 28 hours
    • Spot High: 4 hours
  • Ingress Rating: IP54
  • Weight w/ Battery: 0.21 lbs
  • Price: $39.99

Includes Headlamp, Strap, Hard Hat Clips, (3) AAA Batteries

Look for the new items from the Milwaukee headlamp expansion to hit stores in October. For any additional information, check out

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The 600-lumen 2115 will bring a bigger jump in flood brightness than its numbers might suggest. While the 2111 has 475 lumens, only 300 lumens are used for flood. So the 2115 will be twice as bright if its flood beam remains the same width. The 2115’s flood is 115 degrees wide. Does anyone know the width of the 2111’s flood beam?