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Milwaukee Lanyards Welcome Six New Members

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that falling objects cause an injury accident every 11 minutes and are responsible for 5% of all workplace fatalities, it’s not too difficult to understand the value of tethering our tools when you’re working at height. We use Milwaukee lanyards and lanyard accessories when the time comes and their lineup is welcoming 6 new members.

Look for the new lanyards to launch in November 2019 at your favorite Milwaukee retailer.


New Milwaukee Lanyards

Milwaukee Extended Reach Locking Lanyards

3 of the 6 new lanyards are for extended reach applications and join an existing 54″, 10 lb model. First gives you the same length with a 15 lb capacity. The other two are 10 lb/15 lb models with a 72″ length.


These do their best work when you attach them to an anchor point (as opposed to your tool belt) and have double-locking carabiners with 360º swivels.

Milwaukee Wrist Lanyards

2 new wrist lanyards are coming for those tools that you want to keep on the shortest length. Both have a 5 lb capacity with a soft adjustable hook and loop wrist strap, perfect for smaller tools like drills and impact drivers.

The more basic of the wrist lanyards uses a simple cinch to attach your tool. The Quick-Connect version has a double-locking carabiner and 360º swivel, making it easier to swap between tools on the fly.

Milwaukee Anchor Strap

When you don’t have an anchor point available, Milwaukee’s new anchor strap comes into play. This 50 lb capacity strap wraps around available beams or rails with an abrasion-resistant 840D sleeve. The full length is 26″, so this is really meant to create an anchor point rather than extend out as your tether.

Milwaukee puts an oversize D-ring on the end that’s capable of attaching up to 5 standard carabiners. Even though you can keep multiple crewmembers working from one point, watch your overall weight.

New Milwaukee Lanyards and Accessories

  • 10lbs 72” Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyard 48-22-8812: $32.99
  • 15lbs 54” Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyard 48-22-8816: $23.99
  • 15lbs 72” Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyard 48-22-8817: $37.99
  • 5lbs Wrist Lanyard 48-22-8830: $17.99
  • 5lbs Quick-Connect Wrist Lanyard 48-22-8835: $22.99
  • 50lbs Anchor Strap 48-22-8855: $34.99


Current Milwaukee Lanyards and Accessories

  • 10lbs 36” Locking Tool Lanyard 48-22-8810
  • 15lbs 36” Locking Tool Lanyard 48-22-8815
  • 35lbs 36” Locking Tool Lanyard 48-22-8850
  • 10lbs Quick-Connect Locking Tool Lanyard 48-22-8820
  • 10lbs 54” Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyard 48-22-8811
  • 3pc 10lbs Quick-Connect Accessory 48-22-8823
  • 3pc 5lbs Small Quick-Connect Accessory 48-22-8822
  • 12ft Self-Adhering Tape 48-22-8860
  • 5pc 2lbs D-Ring Attachment 48-22-8870
  • 5pc 5lbs D-Ring Attachment 48-22-8871
  • 35lbs D-Ring Attachment 48-22-8872
  • 5pc 2lbs 3/4” Split Ring 48-22-8880
  • 5pc 2lbs 1” Split Ring 48-22-8881
  • 5pc 2lbs 1.5” Split Ring 48-22-8882
  • 5pc 2lbs 2” Split Ring 48-22-8883

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