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Star Trek KeySmart Pro Key Holder with Tile

Star Trek KeySmart Pro Key Holder with Tile

If you haven’t heard of Tile, you should look it up. The company uses very small devices that run on battery power and connect to a mesh Bluetooth network. You can attach Tile devices to almost anything. It feels a lot like having Milwaukee One-Key for your keys…or maybe the other way around. They also built the Tile technology into various products like the Star Trek KeySmart Pro Key Holder. With it, you can locate your lost keys or phone or make either your phone or keys “ring”. Lost keys are now a thing of the past—and I get a cool compact Star Trek key holder in the process!

KeySmart Pro Key Holder with Tile Features

The KeySmart Pro key holder uses a micro-USB port to recharge an internal battery. It runs for up to 45 days straight until you have to recharge it. Since I’m often at a desk, pulling out my keys every month or so to recharge them doesn’t present a problem.

Star Trek Key Smart micro-USB port
You barely notice the micro-USB port on the KeySmart Pro thanks to a clever plastic cover.

On a mechanical level, the KeySmart holds up to 14 of your existing keys. This makes a big deal because other systems require you to photograph your keys or send in paperwork to cut custom key blades. With this system, you simply unscrew a couple of posts, lay your keys into position, add spacers as needed to even things out, and screw it back together.

Done. Simple.

Star Trek KeySmart Pro keys

Feature Summary

  • Locate your lost keys & phone
  • Make your missing keys ring
  • Make your lost phone ring, even on silent!
  • Organizes up to 14 of your existing keys
  • Rechargeable via micro-USB port

The KeySmart Pro includes a bottle opener, and the device has a built-in LED flashlight that goes on momentarily when you hit the button. Press the button two times fast, and the LED stays on for around 10 seconds.

KeySmart Pro key holder LED flashlight

As mentioned above, the KeySmart Pro also includes Tile integration—something the KeySmart (basic) lacks.

Star Trek KeySmart Pro kit

With the Regular and Pro models you can also add various accessories:

  • 16GB USB 3.0 thumb drive
  • Folding knife
  • Pliers
  • Quick disconnect
  • Bottle opener (standard on Pro)
  • Nano torch (flashlight)
  • Nano stylus
  • Pocket clip
  • Loop piece
  • Nano scissors
  • Additional spacers

Two Versions of the Star Trek KeySmart Pro Key Holder

Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • Design inspired by Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  • Features Picard images and quotes like “MAKE IT SO!”
  • “Property of U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701- D” printed on the back
  • Picard featured on the premium Star Trek packaging

Star Trek: The Original Series

  • Design Inspired by Officer Spock
  • “Property of U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701” printed on back
  • Spock featured premium Star Trek packaging

These Special Edition versions of the KeySmart key holder just make it more fun—assuming you like Star Trek. They also have versions featuring the U.S. Army and one in Mossy Oak. Additional special editions seem likely to arrive in due time as well.

Finding Your Keys with the Tile App

The system works with the Tile app (Android and iOS). First, pair the KeySmart Pro key holder with the phone and app (we used an iPhone 11). Next, you can then use the app to locate your lost keys on a map or even make them “ring”. Finally, you can even work the system in reverse—using the Tile app and keys to locate and make your phone ring—even if it’s in silent mode.

KeySmart Pro Tile app integration

Wrapping It Up

I tested the Star Trek KeySmart Pro to see how well it located my keys from the Tile App on my iPhone. While it does require “Always On” location access, the system does work. It’s certainly a nice feeling to know you have a fighting chance of locating your keys should they become misplaced. It fit all my keys and it assembled very quickly and with little effort. It lets me set the tension of the screws for how freely my keys rotate out for use. I also find the LED flashlight super-convenient and easier to grab and activate than my iPhone.

If you don’t need the Tile features, grab the regular model. It really does simplify key storage. You can pick up the Star Trek KeySmart Pro Key Holder from their website. If you just want the basic models, you can find them on Amazon.

KeySmart Key Holder – $22.99

Shop Amazon

KeySmart Pro Key Holder with Tile & LED Flashlight – $49.97

Shop Amazon

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