Veto Pro Pac PB4 Parts Bags Tool Storage Reviews

Veto Pro Pac PB4 Parts Bags Preview

Veto Pro Pac has come out with four new parts bags that look like great additions to their line of tool bags. These new bags are 9-inches long and 5.5-inches in height. They’re pretty sturdy, made from 600 denier nylon fabric and should hold up well to wear and tear. In addition, these new Veto Pro Pac PB4 parts bags have a nice reinforced see-through mesh panels which let you see what’s inside and quickly identify your parts.


The bags have zippers to keep everything inside and they feature color coded strips along the top to help you quickly identify what’s inside. These PB4 parts bags also include a handy swivel snap hook to let you quickly attach it to any of your bags, like the Veto Pro Pac MC bag.

Veto Pro Pac PB4 Parts Bag

The Veto Pro Pac PB4 Parts Bags have a nice see-through reinforced mesh lining.

This looks like a great solution for storing small tools, fasteners, or things like wire nuts and assorted items. This is a great multi-purpose solution that looks like a cool addition to the Veto Pro Pac line of bags. The Veto Pro Pac PB4 parts bags come in 4-packs and will cost around $54.99. I see these as being a very handy add-on to anyone who has a Veto Pro Pac bag (or any other tool bag for that matter). It should be popular for plumbing and electrical.

Veto Pro Pac PB4 Parts Bags

Veto Pro Pac PB4 Parts Bags Features

  • Reinforced see-through mesh panel
  • Zippered top
  • Color coded webstrips
  • Swivel snap hooks


Veto Pro Pac PB4 Parts Bags Specifications

  • Dimensions: 9 x 5.5 in.
  • Material: 600 Denier nylon fabric
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Price: $54.99 (4-pack)

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