June 23, 2021

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Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag Review

Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag review
PTR Review
  • Build Quality 10.0
  • Ergonomics 9.0
  • Tool Storage 10.0
  • Weatherability 10.0
  • Value 8.0

If you use the same tools over and over again, the Tech-MCT tool bag offers tons of storage and will likely save you time and money.

Overall Score 9.4 (out of 10)

Pro Tool Reviews is no stranger to the Veto Pro Pac brand of tool bags. They’re rugged, hold up well to hard use and abuse, and make for a heavy duty solution for tradesmen looking to match their particular needs. In the past we reviewed the Veto Pro Pac MC, the Veto Pro Tech Pac backpack, and the Veto Pro Pac OT-XL. Now we wanted to check out one of their newest products, the compact Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT tool bag. The new Tech-MCT tool bag takes everything you may have come to love about Veto bags and reduces the size for a more focused deployment.

When you’re constantly grabbing your tools to either help out a friend, or get a project done, it’s nice to have everything ready to go. I keep tools in my shed, tools in my shop, tools in my upgraded Ford-F150 work truck, and still more tools in the house. With tools everywhere, it’s important that I have a bag ready to go when I am. Until now, that’s been a standard tool bag where everything is thrown in and organization and access has been somewhat limited. The challenge (for me) was to see if the Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT could get me a bit more ready to head out when the need arose. That meant better organization, plenty of space to store what I needed, and a form factor that was “grab-and-go” ready.

Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag Features

Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag handle

The Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT tool bag is designed for techs and Pros who need a fairly compact bag to use for MRO needs or service calls. The Tech MCT tool bag is truly a miniaturized MC bag that has the pockets, zippers, and covered access you’s want in a more portable reduced form factor tool bag. The Tech-MC has the heavy duty Veto Pro Pac center panel, the ridiculous 2 million Denier (we’re exaggerating, it’s like 1800) PVC-impregnated nylon pockets and outer material, the injection molded waterproof base, and weatherproof zippers and rivets. When you look at the construction of the Tech-MCT bag, it’s hard not to be impressed. This is a technician tool bag that can be dropped, thrown, tossed, or otherwise used to its fullest without fear of the bag breaking or damaging whatever you happen to store within.

Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag nylon

In short, the Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT tool bag is built like a tank. Maybe they should call it the Tank-MCT.

Inside and out are 44 pockets, and that center panel keeps both separated, so your tools are kept in place when you travel (and when you throw this bag in the back of your truck bed). Because it’s a tech bag you get places for your tape measure, markers & pencils, hand tools, meters and levels, and even convenient storage for small drill bits and driver bit extenders. There are plenty of D-rings to clip on accessories and outside pockets to get quick access to things like bits and fasteners or even a handful of wire nuts.

Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag open
I was able to comfortably store spade bits and driver bits in the Tech-MCT, and there’s plenty of side pocket room for a Milwaukee auto voltage tester, Milwaukee tape measure, and my Irwin utility knife.

The standard Veto Pro Pac grip is included on this bag, but without the large plastic section of the larger Contractor series bags. If you need to carry the bag for an extended period of time (and you load up your bags as heavy as I do), you’ll appreciate the included 3-inch wide padded shoulder strap.

Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag Specs

  • 44 tool pockets
  • 2 storage bays
  • 2 Neoprene pockets
  • D-rings: (2) 2 in. and (5) 1 in.
  • Stainless steel tape clip holder
  • Quick access pocket for bit extensions
  • Base: 3mm polypropylene
  • Body Fabric: PVC impregnated 1200 Denier nylon
  • Tool pocket fabric: PVC impregnated 1800 Denier nylon
  • Zippers: Double stitched, plastic coil w/oversized tabs
  • D-rings: Powder coated steel
  • Marine grade rivets
  • 8 in. electrical tape strap
  • Handle: Over-molded ergonomic
  • Warranty: 5-year limited
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 8 x 10 x 14 in.
  • Vertical storage: 12 in.
  • Weight: 5.8 lbs.
  • Price: $149.95
Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT tool bag compared
I successfully moved just about every tool contained in the bag on the right into the Veto Pr Pac Tech-MCT bag on the left—and increased my efficiency.

Using the Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag

Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag angle

The first thing to understand about the Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT tool bag is the layout. You’ve got the front side which houses the pockets specifically designed for your hand tools. Wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers—all fit in here with tons of vertical space for long-handled drivers. The front cover also folds down and snaps in an open position so you can grab tools as needed without having to navigate the zipper each time. The back side of the Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT tool bag is designed to hold boxier devices like voltmeters and clamp meters in addition to some more hand tools. You have the same vertical clearance, but with only two rows for your tools you get enough space in front for a small 12V drill/driver. I always carry at least one of my Milwaukee 12V Fuel brushless tools with me (usually an impact driver) or I opt for one of the DeWalt 8V Max cordless tools.


All of this build quality comes with some weight, but if that’s a trade-off you can live with then the Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT tool bag may be exactly what you need. It will get you organized and cut down on the time it takes to search for your tools. For me, it’s not much of a decision. I like to stay organized, and the Tech-MCT is just the right size for a bag designed with a specific use in mind. If you absolutely need every tool in your arsenal, you’re going to want to go for a larger Contractor Series bag, but if you’re in a groove, and you use the same tools over and over again, this tool bag is going to save you time—and possibly some money.

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