Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead Truck Reviews & Accessories

Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead

Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead Installs in Under an Hour

The new Weather Guard CabMax composite bulkhead is a custom-fitting separation between the cab and storage areas that replaces the need for a steel bulkhead. The initial launch fits Ford Transit mid-roof vans and a header panel to make it fit Transit high-roof models as well. Other compatible models will be coming out over the next 18 months.

10-Second Summary

  • Currently fits mid-roof Ford Transit vans with header available for high-roof
  • More compatible models coming in the next 18 months
  • 25% lighter than steel
  • Custom-fit uses OEM install point and holes and installs in less than an hour
  • Allows full range of motion for the seat, including reclining up to 35º
  • Window, dog hatch, and accessory panels available
  • $850


Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead

The main purpose for installing a bulkhead is to provide a layer of safety between people in the cab and gear in the back. Steel is a popular choice thanks to its strength. The Weather Guard CabMax uses a composite material that’s just 55 pounds—roughly 25% lighter than steel options.

Because the fit is custom, it’s also tight, reducing noise from the storage area and making your AC and heat more effective for you and your passenger.

It installs in under an hour using OEM mounting points and holes, so there’s less overall drilling you need to do and no drilling into the floor. Its design also automatically adapts to your floor height.


Once you have the Weather Guard CabMax up, it leaves enough space for a full range of motion on your seat, including the ability to recline up to 35º. According to WeatherGuard, that’s the largest range of motion you’ll find.

Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead

To make it more than just a separator, Weather Guard designed the CabMax as a system that becomes functional. There are multiple accessory panels you can install in 14 locations. There are window panels to help you maintain a line of sight and a dog hatch that lets you run longer material through the bulkhead. Other panels help you organize gear and other necessities.


Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead Model Numbers and Pricing

Here’s what’s available at the moment. The only retailer we found them at is Acme Tools and you can keep your eyes on Amazon to see if they show up there.

  • CabMax for mid-roof Ford Transit: 96310-3-01 ($848.30)
  • Header for high-roof Ford Transit: 96320-3-01 ($102.00)
  • Bulkhead accessory panels (2): 96905-3-01 ($55.42)
  • Window panel: 96906-3-01 ($96.56)
  • Dog hatch panel: 96908-3-01 ($54.49)
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