GEarwrench 90-Tooth Ratchets Hand Tool Reviews

Gearwrench 90-Tooth Ratchets with Standard and Flex Heads

Gearwrench Rolls Out New Ratchet Lineup for 2020

Ratchets have long been a staple in the Gearwrench catalog, but the brand continues to roll out improvements. The new Gearwrench 90-tooth ratchets, now coming in standard and flex head options, are stronger and more comfortable ratchets that provide better access.

10-Second Summary

  • 90 teeth provide 4° swing arc
  • Stronger pawls help ratchets exceed ASME torque requirements
  • Available in full polish and cushion grip models
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Available in 13 individual Standard and Flex Head models; 7 full polish chrome, 6 cushion grip
  • All available in 1/4 in., 3/8 in., and 1/2 in. drives (except for 3/8 in. stubby flex head)

Lose Your Baby Teeth

The Gearwrench 90-tooth ratchets provide a 4° swing arc for better access into tighter spaces. They have precision-engineered pawls that Gearweanch has ramped up the strength and durability for, helping the ratchets exceed ASME torque performance requirements.

Gearwrench has these updated ratchets available in a full polish chrome version, or with a cushion grip. In the case of the full polish chrome, Gearwrench has improved the ergonomics to make the tools easier on your hands. The cushioned grips are solvent-resistant and, though they’re softer, Gearwrench attests to their toughness and durability under shop conditions.

GEarwrench 90-Tooth Ratchets


Gearwrench has the 90-tooth ratchets available as 13 individual pieces or as sets. Seven of the individual models come in the full polish chrome, while six come with the cushion grip. All of the models, with the exception of the 3/8 in. stubby flex head ratchet, are available in 1/4 in., 3/8 in., and 1/2 in. drives.


What is Gearwrench Saying About the New 90-Tooth Ratchets?

Our growing industrial design team has had a massive impact on our products in recent years, and the 90-tooth ratchet line is a great example of that. The goal is to always be improving—to never settle for good enough. So, we went and made these ratchets sleeker, with more teeth and greater comfort than ever before, improving them in every way possible.

—Jim Stewart, product manager

For more information about the Gearwrench 90-Tooth Standard and Flex Head Ratchets, visit

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