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2015 World of Concrete Coverage and News

2015 World of Concrete

This year’s 2015 World of Concrete promised to be an exciting one, and we saw announcements from Bosch, Makita, Hilti, Husqvarna, and many others. Our 2015 World of Concrete show coverage debuted LIVE from the Expo show floor via Twitter and Facebook and we recap some of that coverage (with commentary) here. All of the new tools that debuted at the show are included below, as well as new technology and material announcements.

This was managing editor, Kenny Koehler’s first trip to Las Vegas for the show. “I’m excited about what we’re going to be able to introduce our readers to. Press releases have been flooding my inbox from many of the presenters that will be there. In addition to the new products we’re anticipating, a variety of topics that affect the construction industry are on the slate.”

At last year’s 2014 World of Concrete, Bosch showed off some of their newest and most impressive products of the year. This is where we got our first look at the Bosch DDS182 Compact Tough Drill Driver and Bosch IDH182 Socket Ready Impact Driver that’s now one of the tools kitted with the Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System. That Bosch IDH182 was also a Pro Tool Innovation Award Winner in 2014. Once again this year, Bosch is pairing up the 2015 World of Concrete show with their annual media event, so be on the lookout for more than just new concrete products from them.

Major New Product Announcements at 2015 World of Concrete

We started out at Hilti, looking at a bunch of new tools announced at their Wednesday morning press event. Before we dover into the new tools, however, we had to let managing editor Kenny Koehler get his hands on their flagship TE 3000-AVR electric breaker. The power of this tool coupled with the anti-vibration technology (hence the “AVT” designation) makes for a tool that you can truly use all day without killing your arms.

Hilti’s 36V rotary hammers are impressive, but this year their new second-generation Hilti’s TE 1000-AVR 25 lb breaker, has several improvements that took the attention. They introduced a redesigned ergonomic handle (notice the curve) and further decoupled it from the housing to improve comfort and efficiency. There’s also a new detachable power cord (plus they include two in the kit) that is field-replaceable and perfect for ensuring that when you accidentally punch through your cord (it will happen eventually), you’re not down for more than a few seconds. Hilti also completely redesigned the wave (vampire) chisel. It has fins or waves that project energy outward toward the sides so that it’s much harder to get stuck. It worked really well when plunge cutting into 6 inches of concrete. Just when you wonder if it’s working, a huge piece will shear off and you’re onto your next piece. The last thing they did as beef up the look of the tool, adding some cool ribs along the side and generally improving the aesthetics.

Marshalltown was there again this year with tons of excellent concrete hand tools and a great group of folks out front working with some of those tools to make an impressive sand sculpture:

Whiteman was on board with their signature green ride-on concrete polishers. People were checking them out and enjoying the smooth ride, which looked almost like a scene out of Swan Lake or some other synchronized dance.

Winner of our “Platinum Man Card” award this year goes to ICS, who had a man-booth to beat all man-booths. Their display of concrete chainsaws, along with some impressive cutting demos, made us want to find something to cut so that we could review one of these impressive tools. In particular, they were debuting their new pneumatic concrete chainsaw and a brand new Pentruder high frequency 480V model.

Makita showed off several new tools, including their upgraded Makita XPH07 18V hammer drill which we’ve already looked at and have in-house for review. This tool below, however, really hit home. It’s a new accessory built for their hammers and breakers which promises to make quick work out of taking up tile and linoleum. This is going to be a very popular accessory this year and it should deliver a lot of use (you can resharpen the blade as well as replace it as needed).

Having already done a full size 7-1/4″ cordless circular saw shootout, we were amazed by the power of the Makita XSH03 6-1/2″ brushless circular saw. This 18V brushless circ saw drove through 4 pieces of OSB like it was drywall. This is one tool you’re going to want to keep an eye on this year.

Makita also showed an impressive cutaway of their HM1812 breaker and it’s AVT (anti-vibration) technology. Inside, you can see the flywheel mechanism that interlay throws weight against the downward motion of the breaker, dramatically reducing the felt vibration and resulting in greater efficiency for the tool. After all, you want to break the concrete, not your arms! Anyone using traditional breakers needs to pick one of these up and try it out.

Stabila was demoing some of it’s technology using an extendible level that it made special for showing various lengths. As it turns out, they kept getting asked for THAT model (which didn’t exist—it was a mockup). Years later, they finally relented and made the new Stabila XTL levels in two sizes: 26-40″ and 48-79″. These are going to be perfect for leveling up windows, patio doors, french doors, etc. They seem quite solid, and accuracy should be maintained very well even at the furthest extended length.

We saw the Skilsaw Sasquatch 10-1/4″ circular saw at the 2014 STAFDA trade show, but seeing it again in person made us want to grab a coupe of 4x4s and get cutting. Skills really should have been outside demoing this tool, but alas, people will simply have to pick one up at a dealer to try out.

Inside we got ahold of the new FLIR C2 and had time for a quick snap of the helpful rep on-hand. This durable, lightweight infrared camera is going to be very popular for electricians and anyone needing to track down and isolate heat sources in real-time. The FLIR DM93 Multimeter is also impressive and something we think is going to see a lot of use this year. FLIR is also releasing new devices that work with your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus—those are due out later this year and are currently under final development.

At World of Concrete you see a lot of really big tools…tools that make you want to get in them and lift or break stuff. A great example of that was this telehandler from Bigge. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ~$600k it would take to bring it home.

Halder has some really great ball-bearing-laced Supercraft non-rebound mallets and sledge hammers (in various sizes) that function as dead blow mechanisms. You can really give a powerful swing and the mallet keeps from bouncing back and transferring energy back to your arm. The reduction in strain is profound, and for these tools it could be a real advantage.

Max had their new Max RB397 cordless re-bar tier (ties up to #6 x #5 re-bars) and the Max RB517 rebar tier (ties up to #7 x #8 re-bars) which they were demoing. Both models also use a brushless motor and provide almost 5x the run-time of their NiCad models. These things will tie rebar together in less than 1 second—all with one hand.

Believe it or not, there’s even more coverage. Our 2015 Bosch World of Concrete coverage is yet to come. they revealed an unbelievable amount of tools and technology that we can’t wait to get written up for you.

If you’ve got any feedback on this coverage, or you want to ask us a question, be sure to hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll do our best to respond.

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