Southwire SIMPush Push-to-Install Conduit Fittings for EMT Electrical Tool Reviews

Southwire SIMPush Push-to-Install Conduit Fittings

Southwire SIMPush Conduit Fittings Make EMT Connections Easy

If you find that you’ve grown weary of the more traditional methods of installing conduit fittings, Southwire now has new SimPush Push-To-Install conduit fittings available for when you’re working with conduit installation.

10-Second Summary

  • Fittings slide onto EMT conduit and lock into place
  • Replaces compression and screw fittings
  • Works with PVC, liquid tight, rigid, EMT, GRC, and IMC conduit
  • Removable and reusable
  • IP66, NEMA3S
  • Maintains grounding path
  • Rated for direct burial
  • Options available for wet areas (blue ring)


It’s as SIMPush as it Sounds

Rather than threading, screwing, gluing, or using compression to hold your conduit together, you only need to slide your conduit into the fitting to lock it into place with Southwire SIMPush conduit fittings. Metal teeth inside the fittings grab and hold your conduit with 300 ft-lbs of pull force.

Southwire SIMPush Push-to-Install Conduit Fittings

They work with several major types of conduit materials:

  • EMT
  • PVC
  • Liquid tight
  • Rigid
  • GRC
  • IMC

Here are some of the other features worth highlighting:

  • Each fitting has an internal stop to keep you from sliding too far.
  • A quick-release ring lets you pull the conduit back out with a removal tool (sold separately). Each fitting is rated for over 100 removal cycles.
  • SIMPush conduit fittings with a blue ring are rated for use in wet areas.
  • Southwire SimPush fittings maintain your grounding path.
  • IP66 and NEMA3S ratings and appropriate for direct burial.


Thoughts on Southwire SIMPush Conduit Fittings

Southwire SIMPush conduit fittings remind us of SharkBite fittings for the plumbing world. With such a big shortage of electricians, anything that helps make you more efficient or get your apprentice up and running more quickly is a huge advantage.

SIMPush helps on both fronts, eliminating the need for the equipment, install time, and training time that compression or screw fittings require.

To check out the new Southwire SimPush conduit fittings, check out your local hardware store, or head over to




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