Vaughan Bear Claw Nail Pullers

Vaughan Bear Claw Nail Puller

The Vaughan Bear Claw Nail Puller is part of its BC series (“Bear Claw”, get it?) of nail pullers are simply tools you want to have lying around for when you really need them – and believe me, we’ve encountered endless opportunities for them to shine. From nail pulling in tight quarters, to quick pry jobs that demand a lighter, gentler prybar, the Bear Claw nail pullers seem to really excel at getting the job done. While some opt for high-end Titanium pry bars or stainless steel flat bars (and they are very cool), the rest of us just want an inexpensive pry bar that works. The Vaughan Bear Claw nail puller is just that.

We utilized both the BC10 and BC12 (which is blue). We feel these are the most useful of the available sizes. This is really one of the better types of tools for pulling up nails that are close to a wall. You’re going to use the Vaughan Bear Claw Nail Puller if you plan to repair and replace a wood floor, for example. It provides lots of leverage but allows you to get in tight, where the claw on even the best framing hammer would keep you back.

Vaughan Bear Claw Nail Puller
Vaughan BC12 Bear Claw Nail Puller

There are a number of companies providing these types of tools; for the most part, none of the companies does much to distinguish their brand from another. Keep an eye out for a nice round-up article of pry bars and nail pullers that we’ll be releasing on the site shortly.

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