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Ames stand up weeder featured

If you hate weeding , the new Ames Stand-Up Weeder is going to sound pretty good. This tool is one of the company’s new line of spring garden tools and features a stand-up weeder, garden tiller, landscape border edger, garden cultivator, spike aerator and planting auger. All of the tools are designed with ergonomics in mind, minimizing the effort required, and eliminating the need to bend over in many situations. It may not be the first thing on your mind if you’re a plumber or an electrician—but if you’re a landscaping professional or care for your own lawn at home it may save you some time (and your back).

Ames Stand-Up Weeder Features

Ames Stand-up weederWe received the Ames Stand-Up Weeder to get a closer look, and the device is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It uses a patented design that lets you remove weeds well down below the surface—where the roots are. It works by letting you push the three curved spikes of the tool into the ground where the weed is (It has a small step for applying pressure with your foot to ease the process).

Ames stand up weeder blades

Ames stand up weeder ejectOnce you step down, the three spikes surround the weed and, with just a twist and pull, let you remove the weed in its entirety. To make the tool even more helpful, it includes an ejection slide mechanism that literally throws the weed out of the tool into the nearest bag or container. Compared to bending over or using a crude hand shovel that removes more than just the weed, the Ames Stand-up Weeder is a product that will let a professional landscaper quickly remove weeds (and only weeds) from a flower bed or other finished area quickly and easily. Time is money, so this tool should pay for itself quickly.

We used it to make quick work of some pesky rain lilies which tend to reproduce and propagate across our entire front landscape. Rain lilies are bulb-based and must be removed completely in order to keep them from spreading. Pull the stalks off, and they just continue to grow unseen…

Ames stand-up weeder use
The Ames Stand-up Weeder made quick work of those pesky rain lilies which are bulb-based and must be removed completely in order to prevent propagation of the plant across your entire landscape.

The core of the Ames stand up weeder is made from steel and the accessories are polypropylene for lightweight durability. The core is simple steel, and we found that it began oxidizing almost immediately, so over time there could be some issues with structural integrity at the base. Still, the new Ames garden tools include an astounding 15-year warranty, so they must have some confidence in the tools lasting at least that long. Also, the retail price is just $29.95. All six of the new tools can be purchased at The Home Depot.

For more information, visit the new products section of the AMES website.

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