October 26, 2021

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Stak Rack Door and Trim Painting Accessory

Stak Rack door and trim painting accessory

When I paint trim, one of the issues I run into is the need for space. Laying down pieces of 12 foot long base or crown side by side can really leave you with nowhere to stand. The Stak Rack door and trim painting accessory is designed specifically to save space. This is perfect for those of us trying to apply paint to either trim or doors. Stak Rack lets you stack doors and trim vertically. This lets you dedicate an area or space for painting instead of having to take up an entire room, garage, or driveway.

The Stak Rack comes in sets of four and you can use them for just about anything. A triangular shape and top point for screwing to boards, doors, or just about anything else makes them incredibly versatile. Because the Stak Racks are designed for use on the floor, you can eliminate the need for saw horses. Of course, it will have you on your knees to paint, so us “older” folks may want to use an elevated piece of plywood or something regardless. This may be desirable whether you’re painting with a brush or using something like the Graco UltraMax II 490 airless sprayer.

Using the Stak Rack Door and Trim Painting Accessory

You can, with the Stak Rack door and trim painting accessory, spray doors vertically or horizontally. You actually fasten the Stak Racks to the top and bottom of interior doors. When you do that you can paint one side and then immediately flip it over to paint the other side. The Stak Racks rotate on the fulcrum point, allowing you to simply keep right on painting.

Stak Rack featured

The goal for the Stak Rack door and trim painting accessory is to make painting projects simpler—with less material handling. Stak Rack aims to organize the job of painting and multiply your capabilities. For example, if you have more than one door to paint, Stak Rack lets you stack them vertically, saving tons of space and hassle. Trim can be stacked as well, using the convenient lips at the base of each side of the Stak Rack.

Stak Rack stacked trim

Since the blue Stak Racks are reusable, this also means you’ll have them on hand for as many projects as you need them for. They seem durable as we tossed them around quite a bit without any negative effects.

Where to Buy Stak Racks

You can pick up a Contractor Pack of three sets (12 Stak Racks) for $79.98 while a single 4-piece set of Stak Racks will run you $29.98. Either way, these are great time savers that we plan on using shortly—and for a long time to come.

Stak Rack portable

For more information, or to order, visit the Stak Rack website.

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