March 6, 2021

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IQ Power Tools Dry Cut Tile Saw Raises Eyebrows

IQ Power Tools Dry Cut Tile Saw

Integrated dust collection system power tool manufacturer iQ Power Tools recently introduced the IQ Power Tools Dry Cut Tile Saw, designed to cut ceramic, porcelain, marble, and stone – all without water. This unique 10-inch dry-cut tile saw, with a fully integrated dust control technology, allows for tile to be cut inside or outside with no water and no dust discharge.

Coming Soon: Hands-on Review of the iQ Power Tools iQTS244 tile saw

The IQ Power Tools Dry Cut Tile Saw, 100% compliant with the new OSHA standard for respirable silica dust, uses a three-stage filtration system which captures up to 99.5% of the dust.

⦁ Stage 1: Heavy Debris Filtration
⦁ Stage 2: Cyclonic Filtration (Fine Particles)
⦁ Stage 3: iQ Dura Bond Filter Cartridge (Super Fine Particles)

IQ Power Tools Dry Cut Tile Saw

All the dust from the cutting point passes through this filtration system and is captured in a dust
tray. A vacuum removes cutting debris and cools the specially-designed blades, reducing friction and heat. The saw is also built on wheels for transport around the jobsite.

“This is a tool that will be a complete game changer for the tile industry. Eliminating water from tile-cutting helps contractors to set tile smarter. They can cut right where they are working; saving time, money and messy cleanups.”

–Joel Guth, president of iQ Power Tools

Our Take

IQ Power Tools Dry Cut Tile Saw

We targeted the IQ Power Tools Dry Cut Tile Saw before we headed out to Las Vegas for World of Concrete as one of the tools we absolutely had to see. An effective dry cut tile saw has the potential to absolutely change the game for professional users.

Our preview of the saw didn’t disappoint us. Given the test cuts we saw, the design offers outstanding cutting performance and dust collection. One of the big questions we had going in was the build quality of the unit and it seems IQ did their homework in that regard as well.

The $99 blade is proprietary and protects the saw against use of other blades with a Q-shaped arbor. While that may seem like a pain, no one else makes blades for this kind of saw since (as far as we know) it’s the only one in existence. You simply can’t use another blade on it without sacrificing performance, collection, or safety, so IQ made sure you can’t put another blade on it.

There’s a bit of sticker shock with a $1740 price tag that includes the stand, but we think it will be well worth it. Once we get a unit in for more thorough testing, we’ll know for sure.

IQ Power Tools Dry Cut Tile Saw Key Features

  • Model number: iQTS244
  • Three-stage filtration system
  • Vacuum-cooled blade
  • Dust tray
  • Wheeled stand for transport

IQ Power Tools Dry Cut Tile Saw Specifications

  • Blade size: 10-inch
  • 100% compliant with OSHA respirable silica dust regulations

Check out more from IQ Power Tools at Acme Tools!

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Ryan C

I also have this saw. I’m extremely disappointed with the performance. I have had nothing but failures and costly repairs with this machine. Cutting: The first blade they came out with overheats on anything other then soft ceramic. The blade wanders in the cut, and wont cut a straight line no matter how slow you feed it. The “hard material” blade is too aggressive and chips the edges excessively, and also has overheating and slightly less wandering in the cut. Dust collection: Dust collection leaves MUCH to be desired. Dust escapes from areas behind and top the motor, also from… Read more »

Peter Bersani

I have this saw. It does not cut glass. It does not cut stone I wasted a half a case of honed marble trying to make cuts for a kitchen backsplash. Had to drive 45 minuets each way to get get my wet saw. Not worth the money. It can only cut ceramic tile. Please note I have 29 years experience


Man, what an awesome idea & machine for a long awaited tile saw that can dry cut just about every type of tile material without using an angle grinder & dust going everywhere. Nothings worse than having to go back and forth, up & down stairs on a tile job because of a wet saw & the mess it makes. I know it’s brand new tech which is why the price is steep, but it would be even cooler if they make a table top version (which I prefer) with a more affordable price. But its about time a true… Read more »

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