June 18, 2021

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differences between CPVC Copper PEX tubing

Differences Between CPVC, Copper, and PEX Tubing

Plumbers have favorites and go-to’s when installing new plumbing or performing repairs. Piping options include PVC, CPVC, copper, and PEX tubing. Knowing a little about each helps you understand the difference between CPVC and PEX tubing or copper. On top of that, the debate between CPVC vs copper vs PEX rages on for reasons from price to ease of […]

what is CPVC piping

What is CPVC Piping Used For?

CPVC is a system that has piping available from 3/8″ though 1-1/4″. This piping system is based on glue on, or more technically “solvent welded” fittings and joints. The piping is available in nominal lengths between 8 to 16 ft and is normally ivory color in appearance. Even though the fittings and parts look similar to regular white PVC, the two systems are not compatible. PVC is not designed for domestic water use and uses a different system to size the piping.