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When we evaluate jobsite radios and do work site radio reviews, we include both 12V and 18V models. Some hybrid models include both corded AC and battery operation modes. Most are cable of connecting to a smart phone via Bluetooth. Some radios, like the Milwaukee M18 charging radio and the Bosch PowerBox are full-sized and designed to cover large areas. Others, like the RYOBI compact radio, take the form of smaller, portable devices. Jobsite Radios and Work Site Radio Reviews Depending on what you do for a living, a jobsite radio makes a great addition to many locations. Many job sites have been productively blaring these radios during the framing or roofing process. These battery powered radios use standard 12V and 18V batteries. Consequently, many contractors and tradesmen find it easy to add them to their tool kit or throw one in the back of the work truck. Check out our portable jobsite radios roundup for a look at some of the better models.

MAkita XRM10 Charging Radio 11

Makita XRM10 18V LXT and 12V CXT Charging Radio

The Highly Anticipated Makita XRM10 18V LXT/12V CXT Charging Radio Is Now Available With options such as the Makita XRM11 Bluetooth speaker, team Teal has put out some impressive ways to rock the jobsite. However, the Makita XRM10 18V LXT and 12V CXT Charging Radio might be their most high-anticipated speaker yet. Makita XRM10 Charging […]

Ryobi Compact Bluetooth Speaker

Ryobi 18V Compact Bluetooth Speaker PAD02B

Ryobi Releases Most Compact Bluetooth Speaker to Date Coming to The Home Depot this December, the Ryobi 18V Compact Bluetooth Speaker (PAD02B) ties the company’s innovative sound technology to the industry’s most compact design. I mean, it’s barely larger than the battery that powers it! Ryobi PAD02B Key Features The Ryobi PAD02B Speaker runs on […]

Ryobi PAD01 18V Bluetooth Speaker

Ryobi PAD01 18V Bluetooth Speaker

Ryobi Bluetooth Speaker Features Smart Amplifier Technology Ryobi has updated the line of 18V Bluetooth Speakers with a model that seems like a great new value model. It features Smart Amplifier Technology and dual 3″ speakers that provide crisp, clear sound at any volume for what they define as “8.5x more clarity” than their last […]

Review9.6(out of 10)
Makita XRM11 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Makita XRM11 Bluetooth Speaker Review

When Sound Quality Matters, the Makita XRM11 Bluetooth Speaker Delivers We’re used to a big difference in sound quality between small-form and large-form jobsite speakers and radios. Of course, the larger models are usually on the better side of that quality. The Makita XRM11 Bluetooth speaker is challenging that assumption and completely changed the way […]

DeWalt Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

DeWalt 12V/20V Max Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

Premium Sound in the Toughest Environments Kill the tedium of the workday with the DeWalt DCR028B Bluetooth Jobsite Radio. With its 12V/20V power source flexibility and near-bulletproof design, you can easily listen to your favorite radio stations, podcasts, or streaming services. We like the portability, flexibility, and features on this radio and think it works […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Milwaukee M12 Radio Charger

Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger Review 2951-20

Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger Gives the M12 Line its First Charging Bluetooth Radio Milwaukee has one of the deepest 12V battery platforms in the industry, and it just got even deeper with its first 12V radio that features battery charging. The Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger takes a versatile approach to job site sound […]

Midland Micromobile Radio

Midland MicroMobile Radios | Small Profile, Powerful Performance

Midland 2-way Radios Get Micro-Sized and Highly Mobile The Midland MicroMobile Two-Way Radio line features a variety of GMRS radios that cover a range of 5 Watts all the way to 40 Watts. No matter your location or surrounding geography, Midland has a MicroMobile model to suit your needs. Midland MicroMobile MXT400 40-Watt Radio Powered […]

DeWalt DCR028

DeWalt DCR028 Bluetooth Radio | 12V and 20V No-Charger Option

DeWalt DCR028 Bluetooth Radio Packs Big Sound in a Small Package The DeWalt DCR028 Bluetooth Radio throws sound at you and your crew from a tough and space-saving design. At only 8.25 lbs, it’s considerably smaller than the similar-looking DeWalt DCR025 Bluetooth speaker. DeWalt DCR028 Bluetooth Radio Key Features We can hit the “legacy” features […]

Klein Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

Klein Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker with Magnetic Strap | AEPJS2

Jam Out on the Jobsite with Klein’s Newest Bluetooth Speaker Klein Tools has just released an updated version of its popular compact jobsite speaker. The new edition, the AEPJS2 Klein Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker, takes the positives from the older model but makes some minor tweaks to the design. This new speaker winds up a bit […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Milwaukee Packout Radio and Charger

Milwaukee Packout Radio and Charger Review

One of the most exciting products to hit the Milwaukee Packout System has to be the Milwaukee Packout M18 Radio and charger. This radio does a great job combining features, sound quality, and ample output to fill an entire job site with music. Fresh off the heels of the Milwaukee M18/M12 wireless jobsite speaker, the […]