Ryobi 18V Verse Link Stereo

ryobi verse link stereo

Whether you’re rockin’ on the job or camp site, or maybe in the garage, a stereo is an asset. That’s what the folks at Ryobi thought when they produced the 18V VERSE LINK Stereo (PCL601). Indeed, there are plenty of performance and design features to discuss here.

Is this what you’ve been looking for to seranade you through the day? I’ll help you decide. Let’s jump into some of the specifics.

In my past life, I was a professional mastering engineer. We’re the guys (and gals) who balance and enhance albums. It’s the last stage in the recording process, after which record companies release them to the buying public. I say this because I know audio. And there’s not just a lot that I like to hear, but also performance features that I want to see on paper.

ryobi 18v verse link stereo

Based on the specs alone, I think Ryobi’s VERSE LINK stereo offers impressive sound control for a consumer-grade, portable system.

For instance, it includes a 50W subwoofer. If you’re not already familiar, this part of a speaker gives you the chest-thumping low-end that you get with a PA system. Furthermore, if you want it bigger still (usually for R&B), Ryobi equipped the VERSE LINK stereo with a bass boost.


  • Model: Ryobi PCL601
  • Battery: 18V (6.0Ah)
  • Estimated runtime: 12 hrs
  • Midrange wattage: 15W
  • Subwoofer Wattage: 50W
  • Weight: 15 lbs
ryobi PCL601

Likewise, you also have treble boost, which I have not seen on many models. This is a nice feature to balance naturally bassy tracks, washing away muddy sound quality.

There’s even a Voice setting designed for podcasts and audiobooks.

As the name indicates, this stereo utilizes Ryobi’s VERSE LINK (or just plain VERSE) technology. That means, you can connect to several of the platform’s related products without an app. Connect to other VERSE LINK Stereo units, for instance. Or you can utilize gear like the RYOBI 18V ONE+ VERSE Clamp Speakers (PCL615). This enables you to have synchronized sound for multiple locations.

Finally, you can stream from your Bluetooth device or tune in to your favorite FM station. And, thanks to the PCL601’s 18V (6.0Ah) battery, you should get about 12 hours of runtime.

The PCL601 will retail as a bare tool for $199 and comes with Ryobi’s 3-year warranty.

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