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Weekend Life

Our weekend life area of the site is reserved for professionals who want to kick back and enjoy something fun on the weekend. That might include pulling some drinks out of a Yeti Tundra 45 cooler. It could simply be getting away from it all (including bugs) with a Thermacell RealTree mosquito repeller. Of course, the fun doesn’t end with relaxation. Some of our Pros like a more active lifestyle. For them we have things like the Zero Tolerance tactical pen. Or you may enjoy the benefits of an EnerPlex Kickr IV solar charger. It’s up to you. How Do You Enjoy the Weekend Life? No matter what you do to enjoy the weekend life, we’ll try to fill our pages with some fun items that are certain to please. After all, professional tradesmen and contractors get some time off occasionally! Work hard. Buy great tools. Learn to use new technology. But when you finish the work day, kick back, have an adult beverage (if you choose), and check out some of the fun items we’ve reviewed here.

Milwaukee PackOut Cooler and Tumblers

Keep Cool With Milwaukee’s Packout Expansion Tumblers and Cooler With the addition of four new items, the Milwaukee Packout system now contains over 65 different storage solutions. Should you consider adding these particular Packout additions to your jobsite? Milwaukee PackOut Cooler and Tumblers – The Big Deal There are a few new accessories coming to […]

Dreametech Z10 Pro robotic vacuum

Dreametech Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop with Auto-Empty Base

A common issue with many robot vacuums is that they often may get slowed down by obstacles in their path. The Dreametech Bot Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop uses Lidar navigation technology. This could help it avoid obstacles like furniture and pets by using light and pulsed lasers to steer clear. It also includes […]

Best Lego Storage and Organization Ever HART Tools STACK System

Best Lego Storage and Organization Ever – HART Tools STACK System

Having been building with Legos since about 1976, the most challenging task has been finding the best way to store and organize Lego bricks. I’ve tried all manner of the best Lego storage solutions including various plastic bins and drawers. None has really worked all that well or has been remotely affordable—until now. The Lego […]

Monument Grills Pellet Grill

Monument Grills Pellet Grill with Mechanical Control 85001

Try Your Hand at Pellet Grilling Without Breaking the Bank As we turn our attention toward spring, it’s time to start thinking about two things: yard work and cookouts. Pellet grills have taken off over the past several years, but they can be expensive to get into. We’ve been using the Monument Grills 85001 pellet […]

SimpleSENCE water leak shop bathroom

SimpleSENCE Water Leak Detector with WiFi Alerts

Water leaks can be devastating. Even a small leak while away on vacation can lead to tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. That’s not only a financial hassle—you still have to deal with repairs. When you have a home with a larger workshop or garage, opportunities for water leaks really begin to add […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
GrillBlazer GrillGun Review

GrillBlazer GrillGun Review

The GrillBlazer GrillGun Turns Up The Heat On Weekend Life Any time I get to spend out in the yard with my family is always time well spent. Saturdays by the grill or an evening around the fire pit are definitely in my top 5. The faster I can light the charcoal or get a […]

Hart Vacuum Cleaner Review

Combine Hart Vacuum Cleaners for a Conveniently Cleaner Home Hart made a very successful launch into Walmart stores as a high-value power tool brand and they’re spreading their wings into more products for your home. We got our hands on several Hart vacuum cleaner models and wanted to know how they stack up to the […]

Review9.6(out of 10)
Dragon Alliance Sunglasses Review

Dragon Alliance Sunglasses Review | Premium Eyewear Alternative

On the job, I have to wear impact-rated safety glasses. While I like the protection I get from my Milwaukee lenses, I prefer something much different for life’s other adventures. I’m used to wearing Costas and Oakleys, and I’ve been hiding my eyes behind Dragon Alliance sunglasses for the last several weeks to see how […]

Turboant Ranger R1 Electric City Bike

Turboant Ranger R1 Electric City Bike Review

Having gotten the chance to review the Turboant T1 fat tire electric bike, we didn’t waste much time agreeing to follow up with another e-bike review. The Turboant Ranger R1 Electric City Bike comes designed for urban use. It features more traditional tires and lasts up to 60 miles on the battery. Turboant R1 Electric […]

Drawing Circles and arcs

How to Draw Circles, Arcs, and Curves in Wood for Woodworking

As we conclude the series on woodworking measuring and marking tools, this time we are focusing on how to draw circles, arcs, and curves in wood. When doing woodworking projects we often use a compass, dividers, and circle templates. There is more to these tools than just drawing circles.  How to Draw Circles and Arcs […]