October 22, 2021

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Weekend Life

Our weekend life area of the site is reserved for professionals who want to kick back and enjoy something fun on the weekend. That might include pulling some drinks out of a Yeti Tundra 45 cooler. It could simply be getting away from it all (including bugs) with a Thermacell RealTree mosquito repeller. Of course, the fun doesn’t end with relaxation. Some of our Pros like a more active lifestyle. For them we have things like the Zero Tolerance tactical pen. Or you may enjoy the benefits of an EnerPlex Kickr IV solar charger. It’s up to you. How Do You Enjoy the Weekend Life? No matter what you do to enjoy the weekend life, we’ll try to fill our pages with some fun items that are certain to please. After all, professional tradesmen and contractors get some time off occasionally! Work hard. Buy great tools. Learn to use new technology. But when you finish the work day, kick back, have an adult beverage (if you choose), and check out some of the fun items we’ve reviewed here.

Review9.6(out of 10)
Dragon Alliance Sunglasses Review

Dragon Alliance Sunglasses Review | Premium Eyewear Alternative

On the job, I have to wear impact-rated safety glasses. While I like the protection I get from my Milwaukee lenses, I prefer something much different for life’s other adventures. I’m used to wearing Costas and Oakleys, and I’ve been hiding my eyes behind Dragon Alliance sunglasses for the last several weeks to see how […]

Turboant Ranger R1 Electric City Bike

Turboant Ranger R1 Electric City Bike Review

Having gotten the chance to review the Turboant T1 fat tire electric bike, we didn’t waste much time agreeing to follow up with another e-bike review. The Turboant Ranger R1 Electric City Bike comes designed for urban use. It features more traditional tires and lasts up to 60 miles on the battery. Turboant R1 Electric […]

Drawing Circles and arcs

How to Draw Circles, Arcs, and Curves in Wood for Woodworking

As we conclude the series on woodworking measuring and marking tools, this time we are focusing on how to draw circles, arcs, and curves in wood. When doing woodworking projects we often use a compass, dividers, and circle templates. There is more to these tools than just drawing circles.  How to Draw Circles and Arcs […]

Fanttik T8 Apex Jump Starter Starting

Fanttik T8 Apex Jump Starter Kit

Fanttik T8 Apex Portable 65W Two-Way Super-Charging Jump Starter Not only can the Fanttik T8 Apex jump-start your dead car battery on the side of the road, but it also has the ability to jump-start the rest of your life too. And, according to the company, it can do it very quickly. Hitting the market […]

FlexiSpot Bike Chair Feature

FlexiSpot Sit2Go Desk Bike Fitness Chair

Take Your Office Fitness to the Next Level with the FlexiSpot Sit2Go Desk Bike We all have sit-stand desks in our office and while some of us use the standing function more than others, they’re helpful to have around. If you’re thinking about taking things to the next level, a desk bike, such as the […]

Hart 20V Portable Rinser Review

Hart 20V Portable Rinser Review

Hart 20V Portable Rinser Offers Endless Adventure Cleanup Possibilities How many times have you wished for a way to quickly rinse something off when there’s no access to a hose? It didn’t take long for our team to come up with a lengthy list and Hart has a 20V Portable Rinser that promises to help. […]

Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Smoker Grill

Traeger Pellet Smoker Grill Review | Ironwood 885

A Traeger Pellet Smoker Grill Flattens the Smoking Learning Curve (and Does a LOT More!) My dad taught me to grill more than three decades ago and I’ve run the gamut from taking the time to enjoy the flavor of charcoal to the convenience of propane. Smoking is something I’ve wanted to get into, but […]

How to Build a DIY Wood Address Planter

How to Build a DIY Wood Address Planter

I wanted to add some curb appeal to my front entrance. The concept of a DIY wood address planter came to mind as it takes only a few materials and a short time to build. With this quick and easy How-To build project, you can take an afternoon to complete the entire project. Tools Needed […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Grizzly 40 Hard-Sided Cooler Review

Grizzly 40 Hard-Sided Cooler Review

Grizzly 40 Cooler is Just Right in Size and Construction Who doesn’t love a premium cooler? Days of ice retention, near-bulletproof construction, and an array of sizes to choose from make them hot items. We’re turning our attention to the Grizzly 40 hard-sided cooler to see what sets it apart from other options. Pros Excellent […]

Steelhead Outdoors Modular Gun Safe

A Safe You Can Move Yourself Gun safes are great for keeping your gun collection safe and secure, but they can be an absolute nightmare to move around. The Steelhead Outdoors Modular Gun Safe models change all of that. These unique safes come in six panels, making transportation a one or two-man job. Once you’ve […]