CategoryGenerator Reviews

Our generator reviews include heavy-duty portable models as well as lightweight inverters for quiet, clean operation at the job site or shop. We also review portable generators that provide versatile power for the home or recreational use. Some of these models also appeal to the tradesman for jobsite as well as project use. Of course, small shops find generators suitable for emergency backup and other applications.

Power Generator Reviews and Inverters

Smaller power generators typically run on gasoline. Newer products on the market, however, feature battery powered technology. Solar generator technology is also hitting the market, and more products are due this year and next. Mid-sized portable models run on either gasoline or propane. These deliver more wattage for heavier duty applications or larger jobsite use. If you need to run a 15-amp power tool (or more than one) look for a portable generator with enough output wattage to get the job done.

With these generator reviews, pay attention to the maximum power output. Also look for features, such as the number of outlets, maximum sustained power output.