Push & Walk-Behind Mower Reviews & Buying Guides

Push mowers and walk-behind mowers differ in both size and capabilities. We review the best gas lawn mowers as well as the best electric lawn mowers. From compact models to wider sizes suitable for larger properties, we test and retest. With our battery-powered lawn mower reviews, we understand that professional landscapers might use these differently than homeowners. That’s why we test runtime, cutting area, ergonomics, features, and—most importantly—cut quality and bagging performance. We seek to find the best self-propelled lawn mowers, battery lawnmowers. and gas mowers on the market. The only way to do that involves getting them all in and running endless tests and comparisons. Landscapers who want a reliable push mower for their lawn service need to understand how each mower differs in cut quality and performance. If they want to move towards battery power they also need to add runtime and noise to their list of considerations. Our push lawn mower reviews consider build quality, cut quality, features, ergonomics, and more.

best gas lawn mower

Best Gas Lawn Mowers in 2024

Gas lawn mowers are still the most popular choice for grass-cutting homeowners. They’re powerful, typically affordable, and durable, making them […]